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Wuxi: Chinese Pearl Dungeon

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Around three hours of drive from Hangzhou, we arrived to Wuxi, the city of the Chines province Jiangsu. By this time, the non stop bus tours started to make me feel very tired of this entire trip. However, no matter how tired I was, I still looked forward for the next days to come. Travel is all about exploring and learning; opening your mind to new things. Which is definitely why I love it so much.

Upon arriving, we sailed over the Taihu Lake, the third largest freshwater lake in China, and visited the well known Li Garden or in Chinese: Li Yuan. Then, we took a pearls workshop where we learned about the process of taking the pearls out of the shell and the benefits of pearl beauty products. Wuxi is the home of pearls in China due to the Taihu Lake. I felt relieved once we were told that shells would only die after 30 mins out of water. So it really doesn’t matter to me unless the mollusk dies since pearls come from a process of intruders and the shell fighting against them.

In my opinion, unlike diamonds not everyone can wear pearls. To many, it is just an old lady thing but really, pearls represent elegance. The rounder and bigger a pearl is, the more rare and expensive it is too. Examples of women who can rock pearls are Michelle Obama and Peng Liyuan (just noticed, her name is like the garden we visited haha).

wuxi china travel wuxi where to go in china wuxi china travel karen karen wen travel blog ship travel wuxi wuxi pearls karen wen wuxi city City sighting here! wuxi liyuan Running across the thousand meters long corridor at the Liyuan Garden, you will find views of the park in different angles, all of them worth seeing. Along it, you will also find ancient calligraphies very often. Just like the Taj Mahal, this place was built due to a man’s love for his woman.

I wouldn’t recommend coming to this place during rainy seasons as part of it sinks. When we visited, an entire bridge was sinked due a small storm two days ago. If you are very prone to bug bites like me, definitely wear long pants. Bugs and mosquitoes are E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. wuxi liyuan li garden IMG_3185 wuxi li garden china wuxi karen wen black swan china First time seeing black swans! karen wen family karen travel blog wuxi wuxi china liyuan li garden Got this grey overall when I didn’t have any long pants to wear after the 42 bug bites from Baiyun Shan. It was an emergency purchase so I didn’t put any thoughts on it. However lately, I am out of words of how obsessed I am with this! It looks like denim but the fabric is softer; super comfy. Unexpected but no regrets! li garden china travel travel blog china wuxi karen wen travel blogger travel blogger china

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