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What to Wear for Fall – Colors, Trends and More

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Transitioning your wardrobe seasonally can be frustrating and sometimes even expensive. I personally don’t update my closet four times a year but only twice as I live in the Caribbean. I mix up Spring and Summer trends and Fall and Winter trends. Because it is time to change up, before you do so, keep in mind that it is not about the items you purchase but how you put them together.

Whenever it comes to fall colors, generally the first word that pops up in our minds is: black. No, there is black but it’s not only about black. Fall is a season characterized by vintage, dark and cold colors. Such as: grey, black, white, cold pastel colors, deep purple, dark blue, olive, etc. Summer colors like pink, yellow, and neon are also an option. However, I would suggest you combine these pieces with other dark colors. Let’s say you got a yellow neon pant, make sure that the resting pieces of the outfit have fall colors or fall trends to soften the look out.

Even though color is an essential to define the theme of the outfit, design is what really defines the look. Use fall colors in mid length sleeves tops or dresses, long pants, leather goods (best season to wear them), fringe goods, vests (an in for this year), scarfs and last but not least your hats (bowlers, beanies, pork pies,and homburgs) and boots.

I can’t really tell you to not wear certain things as everyone has their own style but there are things that you should avoid as much as possible (unless you live in a country that has summer forever) such as neon colors and sandals. If you do like them, go ahead. There are tons of ways to combine them and make it for fall. To make any look fall-ish keep in mind the colors and designs. Of course as always, you can always wear something out of season or any color to make your look pop; but try to keep it low to one or two pieces.

See my top picks for fall and examples of trends at the SHOP section! It is updated monthly according to trends.

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