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MUST HAVES Every Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

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Ever since I got this purse from the Coach Factory where I got it for half its original price, I have been receiving lots of compliments. Its beautiful design and functionality is definitely what draws attention. Unlike many, the satchel is not huge but mid size allowing it to be paired up with any casual outfit without making the outfit look exaggerated. Plus most of times, it is hard to make a huge satchel look full when you really got nothing to carry –and we all know how ugly it is to carry an empty bag. Because of this, it is important to have it clear in mind what to carry whenever we are hanging out with whoever it is. You don’t want to over carry and less under carry. You just never know when you are going to be in a hurry or when you are going to need something. To simplify your lives, we’ve come up with some MUST-HAVES you should always carry. An exact combination of just what you need to survive a day, and comfort –you don’t want to be carrying a luggage when you are just having lunch with your date.

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|| Bag: Coach| Wallet: Prada| Sunglass Case: Stradivarius| Sunglasses: Vintage| Charger: Pisen||

1. Wallet: Can you picture yourself at the cashier about to pay for the scarf you picked up with so much love and after much time spent looking for it, you just can’t find your wallet? No, you can’t find not because your bag is big nor full. Instead, it was because you didn’t even carry it with you! How would you react? I would definitely feel disappointed. Not only because I couldn’t take my scarf home but the time in line wasted and the embarrassment in front the cashier and the people behind me waiting to pay too. Your wallet should be carried with you wherever you go. Think of it as your ultra best friend. You take care of it and in return it might even save your life!

2. Portable Battery Charger: I can’t be the only one who keeps scrolling her Instagram feed without noticing my phone’s battery life while being far away from home. We are all well aware of how much battery social medias eat up –let’s not even mention those shorts we watch. You might be disagreeing with me about the necessity of getting one if these portable things right now but you should also be aware that not all places have plugs. Plus, you wouldn’t want to be standing right beside the plug waiting your phone to get charged while your friends are having fun chit chatting on the other side of the room.

3. Sunglasses: Aside from the fact of how great it makes you look, sunglasses are also the key for a great day. It is really hard to see a friend on the other side of the park when the sun hits you right on the face. Some people might even get dizzy after long hours under the sun. Plus, let’s not even mention when you are driving.

4. Earphones: Once you are out, no matter where you are, you never know what might come up and will have to make you sit and wait for anything. Take that time for yourself. Relax and enjoy your song, video, or even audio book without disturbing anyone.

5. Refreshing Candy: Candies are the cheapest mouth refresher you will find around. It’s your choice whether you want candy, gum or any mouth freshener spray. No one really wants to smell what you ate and much less your foul breath. Don’t ever skip this part because even if you can’t smell your own breath, doesn’t mean others can’t either.

6. Phone: “Do you even have to mention this?” you might be thinking right now. I mean, do people today even forget about their phones? Believe it or not, many still do. Some just don’t like using it as much or just try to avoid it in order to not be part of this “techy world”. But for the sake of your loved ones, carry it even if you are not going to use it. And please, don’t keep it silent. It really pisses the caller off when you don’t take the call. Besides, you will want to snap some selfies to see how good you are looking or just checking on your teeth to make sure there’s nothing stuck in between.

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7. Cosmetic Bag: Many of us trust companies who claim their lipsticks to be long-lasting even after food just to find out right after what a scam it was. Not even the best lipstick will remove your desire to reapply after your drink. As of women’s nature, we will always want our makeup to look perfect –most of the times as if it was done by a makeup artist. Your cosmetic bag will always come in handy as you rub your eyes forgetting you had eyeliner on.

  • I personally don’t use bags. I use a hard sunglass case to protect my makeup products from drops. It saves up a lot of space on your bag and it makes it easier for you to grab it. This case is one of the reasons why I like purchasing mini products or samples as you can place everything in the same place. I like carrying very basic yet life saving products that are just enough to get me through the day.


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What I Pack on My Cosmetic Case:

1. Eyeliner (Revlon)

2. Mascara (Clinique)

3. Lip balm (EOS)

4. Concealer (Avon)

5. Lipstick (Avon)

6. Fragrance Sample (Oriflame)

7. Bobby Pins and Hair Bands

8. Fragrance: It is always crucial to have a little fragrance in your body. Studies have shown how a little of fragrance can actually make you more attractive. Imagine yourself going to a really nice place with a smell of sweat after your long walk? How do you think you will look? I wouldn’t like to smell like that. To save up some space or to carry less weight, bring a fragrance sample. If you didn’t get it while they were passed them out in the malls, pour a little of your perfume into a mini spray bottle. And if you are really so unfortunate that you ran out of perfume, you better force the last spray out and make it work all day.

Take these with you and I guarantee you will have a worry-free and fun day!

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