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Wearing Dress Shirts The Chill Way


Who said dress shirts can only be worn formally? Let’s rephrase, not formally but certainly not in the chill way. As I was packing for a trip to the Bavaro Princess Resort in Punta Cana, I stumbled across this very practical sleeveless dress shirt. I thought besides wearing it with a skirt, let’s give a shot wearing it with some sort of comfy pants aside from jeans. Not sure about you but I definitely wouldn’t be wearing jeans on any of my outfits while in a resort; where I am supposed to be chilling. Plus I wouldn’t be able to stand it with this awfully hot weather. Surely not an awful

weather for you if you like getting tanned because you definitely will by just sitting for five minutes under the sun. So, I picked up this very comfy baggy leggings I bought long time ago but rarely wore because I personally found it hard to combine with any tee, mostly due to the bow that comes out. It does look weird under a normal shirt as it shows under the shirt and people might be wondering what’s behind. Luckily, my dress shirt was short so I was able to manage that. Another reason I picked them was because I don’t own any shorts other than blue and red ones. I personally don’t like going entirely blue or any other color (Yes, I have to admit that I have done that a lot of times) or the combination of red and blue. To chill out the look I decided to pair it up with sandals. I once swore I would never wear these kind of sandals in my entire life when I saw them for the first time on my mom back in 2012. But now that I know how comfortable they really are, I have managed to find ways to make them fit in on my closet. Who imagined I would actually wear a dress shirt with these sandals? Seriously peeps, shoes are magical. They can really change an entire outfit’s intention. Now, the sunglasses. Once I saw them in my parent’s shop, I instantly fell in love. They aren’t as practical as other sunnies but who cares when they can spice up the outfit. They slightly helped giving my outfit a blue theme. I have never really owned such huge shades as this one but they are useful when you have them over your head. I can assure you that your hair will never fall again while eating.

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