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Trends: Mixing and Matching


When you mix and match different colors and trends, don’t you always wish they come out as desirable as you picture them to be? That relieve, that satisfaction when they do; I can’t be the only one. 50% of these outfit was bought online during Black Friday which arrived two weeks later and fall was already gone. This was my original “ideal” outfit for fall as front button skirts were such a trend. And when trends come, it’s hard to tell when they are going to be gone –which is also why you’ll never find me purchasing more than two pieces of the same style. I guess lucky us (suede, front button skirts lovers), the trend hasn’t been gone and it seems to be that it is here to stay (woohoo!).

Back in LA, this was my “go-to” outfit. Ever since finding these boots at an amazing price at Charlotte Russe (just $20, what? I guess that was Charlotte Russe’s Christmas gift for moi), I haven’t stopped wearing them! And it has also been a long journey finding these. My ideal boots are nude, heeled, not too pricey and opened somewhere (anywhere but the toes!). I literally looked out e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and didn’t find them online and offline. They either were not heeled, too pointy, not the right color, not the right size, too bulky, not comfy, or madly expensive. And if you are still doubting how picky I am when choosing my stuff, don’t doubt it, you’re right. I am just not really used to purchasing without carefully seeing the details. I mean, if that’s your style or purchasing it, I respect it but it’s kind of crazy for me to see people buying without even fitting the clothes on them or not even giving a glance at the price. Enough rambling, back to the outfit.

Alright, so as I always do, I am going to break down my color and clothing choices. I really like how feminine and chic burgundy looks on any piece without it being too noisy. I feel like the nude pieces complimented this color. It kind of like neutralised the outfit a little bit, giving most of the attention to the top and hat. Sunglasses have always been my favorite accessory and this time, white for the coat. I only had four sunglasses available: a pink one, nude, white and black. Black, too black; pink, I don’t really like when outfits are one color on one side of the body and another color on the other; nude, same problem; so white was the match. The coat: to balance a little the one color on the upper body and another in the lower body problem. Plus, it was cold outside. It probably wasn’t for someone who lives in the US, but for someone who lives in the Caribbean, it surely was. OH the textures. Suede and leather are never out of trend! And they’re also my favorites haha.

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It’s all about the little details.

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Looking back at these pictures, I really want to fly to LA right now and shoot at this location over and over again. It’s MAGNIFIQUE. *LA Disney Concert Hall*

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I was wearing:


A’gaci Suede Top

A’gaci Suede Skirt

A’gaci Burgundy Hat

Charlotte Russe Boots

Vintage Sunglasses (seen similar one on Forever 21)

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