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December? I am so excited! For 2017, of course. At the end of every year, I would usually say “Wow, this one passed by too fast!” but for this 2016, those word won’t come out from my mouth. I can’t even force them. This year passed ridiculously slow. Maybe there were more cons than pros this time?
Not sure. Well point is, I am glad it is going to end soon.

As I always say, it’s sad that I am not able to wear huge fur coats no matter how much I love them due to where I live. The most wintery thing I can go for are booties and that’s more like fall. I got these nude booties from Charlotte Russe last year back in LA for $20. I couldn’t resist neither the color nor the price. The same happened with this burgundy bag from Forever 21 which I can’t recall the price but I am sure it was around $15. Next, the exact same sunglasses are available at Okayla Collection. I can’t help but to have a small obsession with cat eye sunnies! Don’t you like them too? Then the rest are from boutiques around China; Guangzhou specifically. Really there’s no way you won’t find cute clothes at each corner. Problem is, sizes are too limited because they all expect you to be extremely thin (roll eyes). For me to find tops that suits me like this one, is always a struggle!

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Beige is my favorite color for shoes. What is yours? Let me know!

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