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How to Survive A Day In Heels

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Whether I am just touristing, meeting up with someone or just taking a breathe outside, heels are always present on my outfits (and if not, then 93% of the times are) — I don’t get to wear them 12 hours a day but I do, most of the times 3-5 hrs a day since I’m always at meetings after I get back from school. When we think of heels, most of the times we associate them with stilettos and a few months before, I really couldn’t imagine myself walking a full day in Steve Madden stilettos. I would start to walk like a zombie in just a few minutes. But no, heels are also wedges, mid heels, platforms and so on. I have to admit that it was really hard for me at first to walk in heels (who was born knowing how to walk in them?) but I still loved the way it made me feel. Somehow besides making you look taller, wearing heels empowers you. Does that mean that the taller a person is, the more empowered they feel? (probably, and sorry for the bad joke if it even was). Plus, they never fail to give that nice chic and elegant feel to your outfits. You can be wearing world’s ugliest outfit but when you add heels, some sparkle will pop and do some magic to make it at least a little nicer.

Fortunately, I don’t feel heels discomfort anymore and lately it’s not the feeling of empowerment that drives me to shop for heels but more because shopping for heels is reaaaally addicting. Isn’t it to you? Anyways, fighting the discomfort problem was definitely not easy at all (but each person adapts differently). At one point I had to spend up to two weeks to recover from my torn feet after a weekend wearing heels 24/7. And after those two weeks, my feet were still sore. Picture that.

To make this getting-used-to process less hurtful and healthier, I’ve compiled my 5 Top Tips on How to Survive a Day in Heels (and things I wished someone had told me about before my life in heels).


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1. Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Girl, we are not buying flats here. I know that anything on sale may look attractive but a pair of heels on sale at $5 are not the same as the ones you saw for $25. The materials are different and the cushion is also different. You are already forcing your feet into something it doesn’t like, just don’t make it harder for it. Don’t be embarrassed and try it as much as you need to assure yourself that those are the right ones. Remember, a good pair of shoes always lights up a day.


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2. Let Your Feet Rest

Forcing your feet into heels 12 hours a day won’t do the magic. Instead, it will hurt you even more and you can get serious injured. Try to push your limits sometimes but don’t get too extreme. Always bring a backup flat whenever you feel like you can’t anymore. When you are working out, you don’t work out ’til you drop for one day, stop for another and expect to see progress. Be consistent and go further day by day (but always try to not hurt yourself).


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3. Don’t Rush

Don’t even try to imitate the models on the magazines taking extremely large steps. First, you will lose your vanity by provoking really loud shoe steps; second, the models you see? That’s just a pose for clearer and more detailed outfit shots. So unless you are on a photoshoot, there’s no need to do so. Besides, when you walk in heels you are literally walking on your tip toes. Taking tiny steps can protect you from falling and help you be more comfortable walking in them.


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4. Use a hair dryer + Be time wise

We are not trying to melt the heels here but blowing them with a hair dryer can help them to better conform your feet. *And if you want to save time from day one by ditching all those how to widen my shoes tutorials, try to buy shoes on a hot day or when you are feeling warm. Your feet are wider in hot temperatures and narrower in colder temperatures.


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5. Choose Platforms

My go-to heels are not stilettos, they are wedges. Platforms provide you more support and are way more apt for a daily basis. Save your prettiest stilettos for special occasions such as parties, birthdays or weddings. It’s not that you can’t wear them daily but you can save up some pain if you get feet used to platform heels first and then stilettos. Fortunately, once you master stilettos, gurl, you become the queen of heels.


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I can’t be the only one having experienced really bad experiences with heels, am I? Share your story and tell us how do you master your heel wearing skills?



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