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How to Politely Ask to Split The Bill

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Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Square Cash but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Whether you are in a brunch, road trip or any hang out, we tend to have that friend that never has cash or spare changes with them. As of me, I am usually always the one to help them out. I barely leave the house without making my wallet a change machine. Seriously, I feel that spare changes are so important. Helping friends out a few times and with few amount of cash may be okay but things get serious when you are let’s say on a road trip. There are still a bunch of places especially here in the Dominican Republic where they don’t accept credit cards. In scenarios like this where you have to pay transportation, food and sometimes souvenirs, it wouldn’t be wise to be depended on nor to depend on someone else.

Things get tougher to those who don’t like asking people to pay back. Ahem, this darling here can testify this. Even though throughout time I have gotten better to open up and ask people to pay back or sometimes split the bill, I still get embarrassed asking this to my very closed friends. I mean if I was ever a billionaire I surely wouldn’t mind, but as of now, we are still in process. Not there yet.

As I was finding solutions to this problem online, I stumbled across Square Cash. It is an app similar to Paypal but with a much user friendly interface and a much better alternative. You may request as well as send money directly from your credit card or bank account. I personally feel that it is much easier to say “Hey, let’s split the bill through Square Cash.” than “Hey, do you have $52 there?” and having them take out their wallets, count their money just to know that they don’t have the exact amount of money. OR you may simply low-key request the money on Square Cash and I am sure they will pay right away.

The process of creating an account is super duper easy. You can set it up with an email or phone number. It literally took me less than a minute. The transaction fees are also way lower, 2.75% vs the 2.9% of Paypal. Plus, you can cash out on your bank account right away. Square Cash is seriously THE app for bill splitting or even for your online business. I’m sure you will thank me after you download it. To ease up the process, here are the links for the App Store and Google Play.

Anyways, today’s Sunday and after hitting the publish button, I’m off to a brunch. Hope you have a great day!

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