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Spring Break: 10 Must Haves To Take On Your Vacation

must haves spring break

Whether you are going to the mountains or to the beach, there are always going to be a few essentials your must pack to make the best out of your Spring Break trip. You don’t want to say “Oh, I forgot my sunscreen” in the middle of the road. To make your packing experience easier without having to overpack, you must think about the versatility of your choices. Does this short combine with these two shirts? Or is it only with this one? Think about how many times you can use something up without looking like you have used it (if that’s your concern) — and if you are one of those who get embarrassed by repeating stuff, one thing I’ll advice is that: Dude, most people do forget.

Last minute or not, below I have broken down to you some spring essentials that you simply cannot leave your home without. If your trip is more beach focused, check out my last year’s post (all the goodies are below $20!)

1) Swimsuit: You must have expected this one as my first huh. Unlike bikinis, swimsuits can be adapted to any change of plans. Wear it for the beach, or wear it as a bodysuit for a dinner or anything casual.

2) Casual Neutral Top: Tank tops, blouses, off shoulders… just to name a few of your options. This one might come in handy when you need a cover up or just something comfy to wear on your Spring Break excursion without having to worry if it’s well combined or not. Neutrals literally go with anything!

3) Pair of Sandals and Sneakers (sneakers for excursions unlike the beach): Both are apt for picnics, dinners (really? yeah, why not?), lunch… basically anything. If you are opting for sandals, I’d suggest you wear something similar to jelly sandals. It’s so much easier to take the sand (or dirt) go away. Plus if you get wet, nothing happens.

If you are not into jellies, take a pair in which any kind of dirt can be rubbed away easily and preferably one that’s also waterproof.

If you are opting for sneakers, similar rules apply. Take one that’s comfy, not easily ruined and preferably washable. I’d also avoid the white color no matter how cute the sneakers look. We must admit that they get dirty too easily. And instead of trying to make the shoes brighter again, why not opt for a darker color from the very beginning?

4) Shorts: Your choice: A comfy leg and a huge sweater or jeans and no sweater at all? I’d rather the first one. And if you are off to the beach, then this not only a must, it’s a must MUST.

5) One pair of Sunglasses: Yes, just ONE. I know it’s really tempting to bring different sunglasses to match with all your different outfits but if you do so, I can assure half of you bag will be filled with sunnies. So, you better bring one that goes with basically everything.

6) Hoodie/ Jacket/ Sweater: Hot or not, it’s spring and nights can get cold. And if that’s not your concern then, still, what’s better to chill on than these pieces?

7) Earphones: To many, travelling during Spring Break is more about discovering and focusing on oneself. Disconnect while listening to your favorite songs.

8) Watch: Leave your phone and other devices in a safe place and enjoy yourself while also being able to keep track of your time limits.

Now, into the beauty side:

1) Sunscreen: As always. Protect your skin on the go. If you are desperate for a tan, apply this after achieving your desired color; just don’t try to burn yourself as it can damage your skin and replace the sun-kissed glow you tried so hard to achieve.

2) Deodorant: Oh uh, this one surely is a must! Especially if you are on any excursion that requires being physically active.

Your turn: What is your #1 Must Have? Am I missing anything? Sound off on the comments section!

*My Spring Break trip is just two days away! Follow along on Snapchat @kkwen (warning: bad jokes all over) or Instagram @karenwenwu!

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