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Smoothies: Top 3 Smoothies

Some of us are overweighted, while some of us just want to build a healthier life.
Smoothies are part of that healthy lifestyle. Water all day is just boring even though we should never forget that water is basically what holds life. Here are five different super easy smoothies recipes you may incorporate to your daily life, giving you the boost you need at anytime.

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

#1: Banana and Strawberry or Blueberry Smoothie

  • The one like the most when I just want some smoothie.
    All you need is:
    1 small container of banana (slicing them up and putting them in).
    1 small container of blueberries or strawberries (make sure you are using the same container you used for the bananas or a similar one, so the size can be even).
    1 small container of yogurt.
    Depending how you want it, you may add 2 to 5 teaspoons of orange juice.
    1/7 of the small container for sugar. (I would suggest honey, since it’s healthier. If you are using honey, and the honey is not sweet enough, then use 1/6 of the small container).
    2 tablespoon of milk. Always depends of how milky you want it.If you are allergic to milk, remember it’s not necessary to add it.

*Add 1/4 of the container of pineapple juice if you want.
And then blend them all together until they are well mixed. It takes up to 5 mins.

Note: Every time you see the words “small container” it means the same one. Always use same size containers.

green smoothie

Photo Credits: 52 Kitchen Adventures

#2 Green Smoothie

  • The one I personally make.
    1/2 small container of celery
    1 small container of peeled grapes and without seeds
    1 small container of sliced and peeled apples. (If you want)
    Potato juice until it almost covers everything in the blender.
    1/6 small container of honey

Blend all together and use juice filter if needed after blending. (You will need a juice filter, if you don’t peel the grapes).

If you are about to lose weight, drink this everyday. You might not want to drink this one because of the celery. However, don’t worry! Grapes, pineapples, and apples covers the celery taste. Celery is great for losing weight even though some people can’t tolerate it. Potato juice cleanses your body and gives it energy. Not wanting to lose weight? It’s still great! Just don’t add more celery to it. It will keep you healthy that way.

Note: Every time you see the words “small container” it means the same one. Always use same size containers.

tropical shakes

Photo Credit: Ingredient Sinc

#3 Tropical Smoothie -Great one for a sunny day

1 small container of frozen or fresh pineapples
1 small container of bananas
1/3 container of spinach
1.5 small container of water or coconut water (preferably coconut water)
1/3 small container of ice cubes

Blend all together and enjoy!

Note: Every time you see the words “small container” it means the same one. Always use same size containers.

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Share some with us!

Best Wishes,
Karen Wen

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