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A Guide to Shanghai

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Hello, Shanghai!

Shanghai, a city full of sky scrappers and people at a horrible scale on a very concentrated area. After two hours of flight from the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel as fast as I could and hop on the bed for a nap. However, since it was our only free day in Shanghai, I had to make it worth. First thing first, The Bund. Rapidly, we hopped on the subway and it took us directly to the Nanjing Road. We walked down a little and there’s when I was finally able to officially say: I am in Shanghai! — well, I was already in The Bund or Wai Tan.

the bund wai tan shanghai 2016

Don’t say you have been to Shanghai if you have never been to this landmark. Standing there you will have the modern Shanghai in front of you (Pudong) whilst the cultural and historic at your back (Puxi). If you notice, most of the best looking buildings are banks since Shanghai is one of the leading financial centers of the world. All the history and knowledge you get from this place, truly makes this one unforgettable.

Tip 1: Be careful when visiting during weekends or holidays at night. Accidents of people been stepped on due to the large scale of people visiting happen often.

Tip 2: After your visit, see the perspective from the other side of the Huangpu river; both views have their unique style.

Tip 3: If possible, take the boat ride on the Huangpu river at night. It lasts about 50 mins for $120 RMB.

Tip 4: The Bund is located at Zongshan Yi Lu, one of the streets with the most traffic. If you are driving, don’t park on this street unless you want a ticket right away. Not even for three minutes, cops are everywhere. So either find a parking lot or drive three to four blocks away to find a free parking space.

Tip 5: There is a subway that takes you directly to the East Nanjing Road with the same name.

shanghai tour guide karen wen wai tan the bundshanghai wai tan the bundshanghai shopping districtthe bund shanghaipudong wai tan the bund view

View from Pudong, the other side of the river. Most of these buildings were built by foreigners.

shanghai shopping center

Shopping Time!

Don’t just call this place: the Chinese Times Square, it is way more than that.

Walk south of The Bund and you will get to the Nanjing Road East. This is Shanghai’s premier pedestrian shopping street. You know you are there once you see a huge Forever 21. You will find world’s most recognized fashion, beauty as well as electronic brands. If you prefer malls, right in front of the beginning of the street you will find the luxurious shopping mall Citic Square housing brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc. At night, when the neon lights shine, there is no words to describe how beautiful the place becomes.

shanghai cityshopping street shanghai nanjing road night

The next shopping stop was Super Brand Mall. After a crazy hour of shopping, we went to eat at Xiao Nan Guo. The restaurant offers a very nice skyline view of Puxi and it is well known for its unique Shanghai style dishes. We ate until the night arose to see the beautiful night view.

shanghai restaurant with a view xiao nan guo

shanghai shopping karen wena guide to shanghai by karen wen

We were so fortunate to meet with this Shanghainese we met during my Las Vegas trip last year. She is the one who showed us around and suggested the dishes at the restaurant.

shanghai buildings at night view shanghai oriental pearl tower night shanghai karen wen shanghai oriental pearl tower night shanghai skyline china shanghai city

Aside from seeing the skyline from the restaurant, after that we went for another walk. Something Chinese like to do after dinner. We learned that the Shangri-la Hotel main restaurant charges up to $30,000 RMB per table on a wedding. It is the most expensive restaurant and anyone who hosts a wedding there receives a lot of respect. We also visited the Oriental Pearl Tower and were swept away with its beauty. This city truly left me in awe.

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town god temple shanghai chenghuangmiao

The next day right before leaving to Hangzhou, we visited the famous Cheng Huang Miao or the City God Temple of Shanghai. I say it is a must see because this is the most popular religious and spiritual temple located in the city. There are many locals cooking traditional foods on the nearby streets worth trying. Read more about the Town God Temple and its amazing history.

shanghai temples shanghai cheng huang miao cheng huang miao shanghai travel guide shanghai travel guide china karen wen cheng huang miao shanghai cheng huang miao shanghai shanghai temples cheng huang miao

I wouldn’t suggest spending all your days in shopping malls while in Shanghai. If you do so, don’t spend all your time purchasing but more just getting the sense of how the malls are. Use the time instead to shop at local boutiques and to visit historic centers which most of them are around The Bund area. Last but not least, don’t leave Shanghai without trying the Da Bai Tu Milk Candies which are originated in Shanghai!

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