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Santa Monica Trip Diary – Days in California

santa monica california trip

Hey guys! As many of you might have already seen on my social media accounts, I have been enjoying my longest trip to the States to date last Christmas (writing “last christmas” sounds like it was so long ago but no, I mean Christmas 2015). We, me and my parents, arrived to LA the 19th of December at 11pm and arrived to the hotel by 1:00am of the 20th. We decided to take a 8 day tour to most of the places in California and Nevada before having 7 more days by ourselves in LA since it would’ve been very exhausting if we did it the other way around.

Our first stop was Santa Monica. This first day was pretty chaotic at first but everything went right when we finally got into Santa Monica. We woke up at 6:00am to go to the hotel’s lobby to wait for our tour guide and when we finally met him, we went happily into the bus until he noticed that our names were not on his tourists list. The Santa Monica trip was an extra since we were supposed to have that day as free day but I didn’t know we had to advise the company first. I thought you could just pay the tour guide and that was it. I was never informed by the intermediary (this case TakeTours). So, I was surprised and nervous because I was the one in charge of booking the tour. We asked him about the problem and he kept saying he didn’t know what was happening and we should just call the company. So we went back to the hotel’s lobby and started to give the tour company a call. We called and called and no one took the phone. Then it hit me, Damns it’s a Sunday. Half an hour later, we called again and they finally took it. Luckily, they were Chinese operators so my dad took the phone for me, they chatted and boom everything was resolved. I was so relieved knowing that my dad wouldn’t keep blaming it all on me.

When we were told that the trip would be at 1:00pm at 8:00am, I was once again dumbfounded. “What are we going to do near LAX?! There’s nothing around us!” So went out for a walk, took some pictured and visited the famous 99 cents store and two more supermarkets, which apparently were the only things opened near us. Because I have never been to any 99 cents stores before, you had to see my face when I found all the 99 cents foods! You have no idea how crazy we went purchasing ice creams, sour patches, chocolates, candies etc to satisfy our sweet tooth. We then visited a few more supermarkets, bought tons of snacks for the 8 days tour and Panda Express before the clock hit 1:00pm.

Alright, so we hopped into the bus and to Santa Monica we went. The beach, the park and all the malls made the place quite fun. But if we are talking about the beach, I would definitely prefer Santa Barbara’s. Just the fact of being so crowded and having so many cars in the yellow sand, makes me not want to dip into that beach. But if we look at it in another way, Santa Monica’s beach is pretty impressive and quite clean considering that it’s surrounded by a crowded city. The beach sand would’ve been turned grey if it was in China, no offence. To get to know better life in Santa Monica, we walked through the malls, the public parks, and the Santa Monica Pier. I really envy the people that have a beachfront house in Santa Monica. Just imagine their view every morning, aah! And those mountains by the sides definitely make the view perfectly perfect. Let’s keep scrolling and appreciate the beauty of Santa Monica.

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