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A Weekend in a Ranch – Day Two – Kayak, Zipline and More+

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Day two, our best day yet…and not. I woke up pretty early, probably around 6AM; had a look out at the window and appreciated quietly the serene scenery while others were still asleep. After a while of appreciation and coziness, I finally decided to descend from the torturous bunk bed’s stairs and get ready for the day ahead. Because we were going to kayak that day, I decided to wear my bikini under my outfit. Fortunately, the swimwear is pretty versatile so I could wear them without the straps. The next

thing I did was to have a really good breakfast, see the horses and take some morning pictures along them (I know I have repeated this a lot lately, but I really got this serious thing with horses after the trip). After walking pass the same horses around hundreds of time, we finally went on kayaking, one of the many reasons I decided to come to this trip.

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turismo los haitises dominicana

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kayak republica dominicana

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kayak parque los haitises

So, we went to kayak to this place called “Parque Nacional Los Haitises” that has a pretty long river full of mangroves with small crabs all around; definitely a must see if you ever get a chance to travel to the Dominican Republic. Only three words come through my head whenever I think about this experience: awesome, tiring and fun. To make sure everyone knew what they had to do, an instructor assured us that all we had to do was to paddle left and right and if we were going left we had to blah blah. It surely sounded so easy, so I quickly jumped in and started paddling. Trust me I’ve never been so wrong in my life. We were two girl struggling to move an inflatable kayak (we really thought it was an amazing choice at first thanks to the awful recommendation of a friend, but no, worst decision ever.) while also being the last ones, meaning no people beside us in the river. If something ever happened to us, we could scream and scream and no one would hear us. So, we paddled and paddled until we finally reached the sea. At one point, the whole thing drained me so much, my back started to ache. When I was returning, I couldn’t move on with inflatable kayak. It was so hard to manage, that I then decided to change canoes with another person; I then had the hard-shell kayak. It was so much easier to paddle and to make it move as it moved straight and not in zigzag. I could finally paddle normally and not paddle twice on each side; it went so much faster. Upon arriving to the shore, I took a few minutes to chat and laugh with my friends before falling asleep on the bus.

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turismo republica dominicana

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karen wen

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I suddenly noticed I got fever when I woke up to set foot on the ranch once again. I immediately got medicated and was able to go on out next adventure; the zipline! I never thought I would actually scream, as of my knowledge, I’ve never been afraid of heights. But this was different in some way. Probably because it was another first and I didn’t really understand the security behind the zipline. It was pretty cool and I really can’t wait to go on a higher one!

Following this instead of going to the pool, me along some other friends decided to go horseback riding once again and then, played pool where I met one of the most unforgettable and funny locals of all time. We talked late until I noticed that my fever came back once again. I took my pills once again and tried to keep up with them as they danced and sang until my body said no and turned itself off. Unfortunately, I had to go to bed at 10:30PM, pretty early actually (I always rather to sleep in my bed than elsewhere). My friends still laugh at me for going to bed so early.

I was Wearing:

With the horses:

Zara Top

American Eagle Shorts

Vintage Sunglasses (similar Forever21)

Converse Sneakers


Stradivarius Basic Top

Puma Shorts

Converse Sneakers

Photos Credits: Teresa, Christopher, Andrea and Juan.

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