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A Ranch for a Weekend – Day 1

riding a horse

Last week, I finally paid a visit to Rancho Don Rey, a ranch located in Sabana de la Mar, Dominican Republic. Somewhere our school have been tries to convince its students every year to visit. It never really interested me until this year; probably because I feared insects too much and I felt I was too young. I still fear them though, but I guess the older you get, the more you want to challenge yourself and live new experiences. Luckily, none showed up but little frogs, nothing to die about. During this weekend, I had a chance to fully reconnect with nature (I tried, even though it sounds kind of ironic as I never leaved my phone out of my hands). Now that I really think about it, I’ve never been so surrounded by such a pure scenery.

On our first day, we went to visit kids from low resources families, rode horses (something that seemed so easy but wasn’t), chatted with friends, had tons of fun in the pool and had an amazing bonfire night. Unfortunately, I could’ve enjoyed the ranch much more if my body cooperated just a little more; I was so sick.

boca chica playa

Look at this crab! How can you see one of this and not take a picture? I initially wore shorts for this trip. However upon arriving, I had to change up to jeans in order to be able to visit the kids.

school girl dominican republic

Even though it takes a lot of patience to teach kids and be able to have fun with them, you get such a gratifying feeling when you are able to make them smile. Working with kids really forces your inner goodness out even in times when the most you want to do is yell the shit out of you at them (I also couldn’t, my throat was so soar).

community service

teaching little kids

good actions

caribbean schools

community service dominican republic

The right kid’s face though haha. Before arriving, I really thought they were going to yell “Chinita” (Chinese girl) at me the whole time. Some did but stopped it right away (uff!). To the ones who don’t understand, I don’t get offended when you yell at me like that (I am Chinese and I’m proud of it) but it is annoying. I understand if kids do so because they are still young and probably haven’t seen much Chinese girls in their lifetime yet but its unacceptable when adults yell at me like that. I don’t usually do much about it as I don’t care much but there a lot of people out there that do get offended (consequences of low education). Probably one of the many reasons I don’t do much community service in this country…

nature horses

caribbean horseback riding

horses ranch

horse wallpaper

ranch horses

When I hopped up on one of the horses, I was so naïve that I thought someone would help me out and take it for me. I was so scared at first and screaming so loud (watch it all on Snapchat @kkwen). It is so much harder than it seems. Fortunately, through multiple times trying to ride them, I finally learned the basics.

dominican republic trip

sabana de la mar dominican republic

rancho don rey

horseback riding experience


bonfire night outfit

bonfire dominican republic

At night we had a bonfire. Another first! Looks so cool, but it was so hot that it was impossible to get up close and heat up the marshmallows 🙁

bonfire heart

first time bonfire

iphone wallpaper

Being almost on top of a mountain was so calming. The stars shined upon us and together we had tons of fun. I am not used to admit this, but some things are so much different when done with friends….

Now that I am back to the city, I wonder would you rather have a ranch life or a beach life? Sound off in the comments below!

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