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Primm, Nevada – Route 66

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On our road to Las Vegas from Los Angeles almost immediately after the long day in Santa Monica we couldn’t help but make a few stops. Man, it was a long ride! Before heading to Las Vegas, I swear I googled the drive time again and again and the counter kept showing me it was only going to take 4 and a half hours from LA to Las Vegas. So as usual, I picked some snacks from the dollar store I told you guys about that was near our hotel in LA and really thought I was ready. I should’ve definitely picked more.

SOMEHOW it took us 8 hours to get to Las Vegas. I get we did a two stops but they were only about 45 mins to get some lunch! And no, the time was very well calculated as we were travelling as a huge tour group. 6 hours would’ve been acceptable but 8 hours what?! I mean I do really like hearing the interesting stories and watch the view around me but I have to say that my butt really hurt and my legs were kind of uncomfortable. I wouldn’t mind at all if I were in a limo with some food and drinks though.

We first stopped at this stop (the one below, have no idea how it’s called) to get some water and so others could get some souvenirs. Not until right this morning did I know that Route 66 is the road were the Pixar movie Cars is supposed to take place. I’ll be telling you guys a little more about it under the pictures. Our second stop was on the Primm Fashion Outlets which are famous due to its location as they are literally in the middle of nowhere before heading back to the route to Las Vegas.

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route 66 barstow stop

route 66 nevada

And also today coincidentally, I was reading an article on MSN about “10 McDonald’s that doesn’t look like a McDonald’s” (slide 12) which featured the McDonalds that is right beside me on the picture! (what an informative day about the Route 66!) See the McDonald’s logo on the right side? The McDonald’s has a shape of a train. I remember my mom arguing with me that the back door was a door to a restroom as it didn’t have any sign and it really looked like a restroom. She just didn’t want to believe that the banner was real. So we opened the “train’s back door”, and noticed that in the end was another door with huge letters saying McDonald’s and I guess I won the argument?

mcdonalds that doesn't look like mcdonalds

You can’t see the back doors here as this picture was taken beside the main entrance.

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You might notice on future posts that most of my outfits during this whole trip was combined with PUMA shoes. Truth is, even though when travelling I do care about my looks, I am not the type of person that is willing to sacrifice comfort over beauty. The makeup is almost always the most I do (not really a makeup person either).

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primm nevada stop

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Even though this cardigan looks thin, it’s actually really warm!

primm fashion outlets stores

what to wear for winter

These pictures were taken outside the Primm Fashion Outlets which features this amazing mountainous skyline of Nevada. They have this hotel called “Primm Valley Resort & Casino” right beside them. It looks like it has many very fun rollercoasters!

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I Was Wearing:

Bloomingdale’s Cardigan

Vintage Sweater

A’gaci Hat

Puma Shoes

Gucci Bag

Vintage Sunglasses

Stradivarius Pants

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