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Nanjing, China – A City Full of History and Culture

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Nan means south; Bei means north. Nanjing is the southern version of Beijing, the current capital of China. Fun fact is, Nanjing was also once the capital.

Sun Yat-sen Masoleum

First stop in Nanjing was the Sun Yat-sen mausoleum which is located at the second peak of the Mount Zijin, aka Purple Mountain. To reach Sun Yat-sen’s tomb (which was the whole point of the trip) you must be willing to climb 392 stairs. Unfortunately due to the rain and small umbrella, I missed out this opportunity. My back was all wet and I still had a long day to go. However if you are ever into Chinese history or culture, this place is a must visit. You will learn about “The Father of Modern China” and why Sun Yat-sen rocks!

Keep on scrolling to find out their traditional delicacy and more!

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Downtown Nanjing

Next stop was Downtown Nanjing. For some reason, I never imagined it to be this way. Most of the cities I have been to are sky scrappers and big crowds all around. There is a lot of people (it’s in China, what else can I say?) however, the place seemed less stressful. The city is so vintage and cute — I don’t think that could be a right adjective to describe a place but hopefully, you get the idea.

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The traditional dishes at Nanjing include Duck Blood Pudding, Vermicelli Soup and Xiao Long Bao. Foreigners might find the Duck Blood Pudding disgusting at first but once they try it, they will want more. I wouldn’t say it applies to everyone but better try the food at where it is famous on. If you ever get a chance to travel to Guangdong (my State!), we also have one of the bests even though it is not our traditional dish. Ah! How much I love the variety in the Chinese cuisine.

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Nanjing Yantze River Bridge

The next morning, we headed to the Nanjing Yantze River bridge, the first heavy bridge designed and built only with Chinese expertise. It was the chance for the nation to prove other countries the unity between Chinese people as well as their willingness to work harder to achieve something. Not much technology was used since China lacked this compared to bigger nations by that time.


Before leaving, we did what we do at every different city we travel to: shopping. How can we ever skip souvenir shopping? Nanjing -nians strongly believe in Jades. More than a precious stone, it is often believed by the culture that it prevents bad luck. Stories include being saved by a Jade in a car crash and not being injured when fell from the stairs. Instead of injuries, the Jade pendant or handcuff you have on cracks. It is hard not to believe these stories when many of them come from your loved ones. My family didn’t hesitate and we all bought a pendant for each. Better prevent than regret, right? Jade jewelries depending on how pure they are can range from prices $200 to $6000 dollars.

Next stop: Suzhou, China

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