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Faux Leather Fringes and Boyfriend Jeans

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I have always wanted to pull off a thick sweater while drinking some kind of coffee at home while also, watching Netflix and feeling the coziness. I can; only if I have the AC turned on to its lowest. And sometimes, not even like that; definitely a disadvantage of living in the Caribbean. I could (and actually should) forget about wearing leather pieces, jackets, and boots as they aren’t common in fall because literally, it is summer year round. However because most of the shops are international brands, they

must make the season transition. This transition kind of like forces me to purchase fall/winter clothing pieces. I usually get pretty excited while shopping for sweaters, leather goods etc as I never had the chance to wear them for longer than a couple of weeks; only when I travel. And unfortunately, while shopping I keep thinking I am going to travel soon which I never do. I then get sad after the shopping spree because I know that the next time I open my closet’s doors, they won’t be right in front of me anymore. Instead, they will be in the deepest corner covered with dust. Not because I want to though; but because I keep hanging the clothing pieces I use most often (which are definitely not fall/winter pieces) nearer to my sight whenever I open the closet’s doors. Poor faux leather goods, they will all be destroyed by the time I get to use them.

As I was wandering through Zara the other days, I found myself stumbling across this extremely unique top. Firstly, I picked it up because I love leather pieces and secondly, because it has fringes. Who doesn’t LOVE these two things? And when they are together is definitely LOVE X100! I really like feeling the heaviness of leather clothing pieces even though they make me feel madly hot. I also have to admit that the fringes make me feel like super woman. Whenever I walk, I feel the fringes going from side to side making me feel so empowered (especially when you are walking on heels). Unfortunately, the fringes do get tangled. Speaking about the maintenance of this top, I have to admit it is hard. Because I am used to wash my clothes after the purchase (a must do), at first I really had no idea how I would wash this top. I only knew that they had to be hand washed; because certainly the washing machine would destroy it. So, I gave it a try without having any idea how it might turn out. Luckily, nothing changed. Unlike other faux leather clothing pieces, it didn’t loose its color and no damage was found in the fringes.

To make the look more casual, I combined it with a light blue boyfriend jeans. Something I never saw myself wearing as I don’t usually wear light coloured pants hence my self consciousness on my thighs. Nevertheless, it has become my favorite pant so far. They are pretty versatile. However due to the washing machine, you can see how it damaged the distresses in the knees part.

Heels were a must because really, sandals? You don’t want the top to loose its uniqueness and extravagancy. To make the look less monotonous as black was definitely enough in the outfit, I decided to wear this Michael Kors bag and brown belt. I then finished the look with my sunglasses and my new Anne Klein watch which I am obsessed with lately as the gold hints of the watch makes it look way fancier than it really is. These two last accessories really add up to any look as they give them a final touch of glam.


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I was Wearing:

Zara Top
Zara Jeans
Stradivarius Belt
Vintage Sunglasses (similar from Ray-Ban)
Mary Paz Heels
Michael Kors Bag

Anne Klein Watch

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