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Christmas Gift Guide – for the Lazy ones!

Christmas is around the corner guys! Two more more days to unwrap gifts, YAY! As many of you guys know I personally don’t celebrate it in the sense of I don’t do any feast, pray or anything like that. I do get to receive and give out gifts though. So I guess I have my own version of Christmas? Back to gifts, last week I showed you guys A gift guide with gifts you can easily DIY and today I’ll be showing you another gift guide which is a little different in case you don’t have enough time or just don’t feel like getting crafty or… you are just being too lazy. Below I have picked my favorite affordable gifts for HER and for HIM that will definitely make her/him remember you forever (I know I would wink wink). Scroll down to find some fresh inspiration in this ultimate Christmas gift guide!



Hopefully by now you already know what to give to your loved ones this Christmas! Just one more thing, please don’t forget to wrap them amazingly beautiful because as much as we want to deny it, appearance DOES matter. Aaaaand I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Did you notice the snow flakes in our homepage? (Christmas vibes huh?) Alright enough rambling, I’m off to dinner in beautiful Las Vegas! Tomorrow I’ll be headed back LA and soon off to San Francisco, Santa Barbara… (pretty long trip, I know… My snapchat followers are loving it! Come along and enjoy this trip with our small Snapchat family! @kkwen

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