karen wen fashion style

karen wen fashion style

Karen Wen

Karen Wen is a renown social and digital influencer based in the Caribbean specifically, Dominican Republic.

People have often called Karen’s wardrobe choices… in better words, too unique. Inspired by these critiques and her travels, she started her blog in 2013 to show the world that having a unique style is not a vice. She provides fashion tips, beauty hacks and allows her readers to travel virtually along her by posting useful travel guides and updating her social networks throughout the entire process. Her goal is not only to inspire women to dare to go out however they want but also empower them to start new ventures in their lives and dare to go to places they have never been before both physically and emotionally. Karen is a firm believer of being a #GirlBoss.

Karen has launched various projects and collaborated with renown companies such as Shabby Apple and Jord Watches including her new handbag collection under her own name, Karen Wen. Amassing over tens of thousands followers worldwide throughout her social networks, she has managed to stay as one of the top influencers in the Caribbean as well as being recognized worldwide.

Take the challenge and go to places you’ve never been before both physically and emotionally.

FAQ – Alright, let’s get personal!

1. Are you Chinese or Dominican?

This has always been a hard question to answer. I was born in the Dominican Republic to Chinese parents and throughout my whole live people have debated for me my nationality. Interpretation is so different both for Chinese and Dominicans. To Dominicans, I’m Dominican since I was born here but to Chinese, I’m Chinese since my parents are Chinese. I personally describe myself as both Chinese-Dominican. It is so hard to only define myself with one culture when I live the best of both worlds.

2. When is your handbag collection launching?

Launch is expected for Fall/Winter 2016.

3. How can you afford travelling?

I generally travel with my parents. However, that does not mean I travel comfortably. Believe it or not, whenever we are travelling we don’t go to the fanciest hotels nor the fanciest restaurants. We try to travel as cheap as we can and along the way, I always come up with some kind of project. Travelling is so inspiring.

4. What category would your blog fall into?

I guess both travel and fashion. I do as much travel as fashion.

5. What are your social network handles?

You are free to find me on all these! I love talking and meeting you guys.

Instagram: @karenwenwu Snapchat: @kkwen (Warning: You might get hungry just by watching my snaps.) * Periscope: @karenwenwu (Don’t miss out the latest Q&As and late night talks.) * Youtube: Karen Wen Google+: Karen Wen Pinterest: @kkwen Lookbook: @kkwen

6. Why don’t you start a food blog? Food is all I see on Snapchat!

I have given some thoughts about it. I think I should haha.

7. Why are you always wearing sunglasses?

They are my number #1 and the only accessory I swear by. Not sure if you noticed but I barely use any kind of jewellery, if I do they must be very unique. Sunglasses and watches are always my go to. Another reason is I rather people focus on my looks than anything else.

8. Why don’t you look at the camera?

I am just so used to my go to poses hahaha. Nothing related with confidence nor self esteem really.

9. Do you make money off this blog?

I do through advertisement, affiliate links and sponsored posts. I have always disclosed this and all my sponsored posts are said somewhere directly or indirectly that they are sponsored. I see how a lot of people criticize this side of bloggers but where do you expect us to find the money to pay for at least the hosting fees? However, all the sponsorships go through a holistic review of whether they are worth my readers time of not. When you are passionate about something, money is not everything.

10. Any tips on how to make your blog successful?

Just be you and throw yourself out there with your ideals. You may refer to the Entrepreneurship category of this blog to learn more.