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It’s time to Chill, Again.

juan dolio resort emotions karen wen

Seriously, the best perk of living in the Caribbean the ease to escape to a resort for a few days. No matter how chill you try to be in the city, it’s different when you are in a place with so much green and blue. I was invited to Emotions Resort in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. I needed this vacation so bad! It’s been a while since I slept 8 hours per day which is what I always try to do. These 3 days helped me recover 2 weeks of sleep. Not kidding.

Compared to the resorts in Punta Cana, it is relatively small and the food variety is limited. To get to the beach, you must cross a street which can be a little bit inconvenient due to the cars passing by constantly. Upon checking the prices for the stay, one cannot complain much. At least I am satisfied with the customer service. We can’t really stress ourselves thinking how good a resort is when the main purpose of going to one, is to distress. And as always, took advantage of the scenery and took a few photos to share. I wore a comfy Berhska top, American Eagles shorts and Okayla Collection sunnies. Can’t get enough of the cat eye thingy!

karen wen between chess

For some reason every time I see one of this, my mind goes into “photo” mode. It’s awesome seeing a gigantic chess when playing chess was one of your favorite things to do growing up.

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#lifeisgood 💕 Sunglasses from @okaylacollection

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Coffee time! ☕️

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Note to yourself: Relax ☀️

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