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Besides my love to crop-tops and snake textured pants, I also adore pointy shoes. Not the ones as pointy as the ones that look like they could hurt somebody but the ones that are a little roundish. I would call them pointy on point. Because I got huge feet, I don’t usually wear Paris Hilton-like pointy kind of shoes. It makes them look even larger even though as always, they help the outfit look way classier. I envy people who own average size feet. It is

so much easier for them to find pairs of shoes at every corner in the world. I feel really sad when I spot a pair of cute shoes in any Asian country and they don’t have my size. In order to make this black and white outfit less boring, I decided to wear some popping accessories like the sunglasses I am wearing, the hat and the purple/pink Gucci bag. I used to only mix and match very common color combinations –let’s say, a whole black and white outfit or an entire blue outfit– making the outfit very monotonous even if I got the awesomest blouse/pant/dress. Luckily, lately I have found my way to give my outfits a little more of color to making it pop a little more. In my case, most of the times is some red or pinkish accessory in order for it to match with my makeup –mostly red lipstick and mascara–.

PS: I really love the back design of my shoes!

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Pull and Bear Crop Top
Mango Pant (similar here)
*I really tried my best to find this pant online and failed. The one I linked here was the most similar product I could spot and hopefully you will like them as much as I do.*
Taobao Sunglasses (similar here)
Taobao Hat (similar here)
Pull and Bear shoes (similar here)
Gucci bag

*Afterwards, while I hanged with one of my dearest friends I noticed how good you can look with your sunglasses over your head in this outfit — I posted a picture wearing it that way on Instagram: @karenwenwu–. Wearing a similar outfit like this one? Tag me on Ig and let me see! *

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Are you a pointy on point shoes fan or really pointy shoes fan? Share your thoughts down in the comments below!

*Yes! I finally fixed the comments section.*

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