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There are always a few pieces in your closet that aren’t used that often because you can’t think of any other ways to wear them aside from a common jean. Trust me, you are not alone. It might be frustrating sometimes as you will think it is a waste. Throughout time I have learned that the more you stare at something, the more ideas come through your head involving that thing. I bought this top without knowing

how to combine it beside my blue jeans. A while after I combined it with leggings and really liked how it looked. This times, again I stood in front of this top and stared it for around 5-6 mins until I came up with this outfit. The fact that it has a collar doesn’t mean it has to be wore formally. Shorts chill everything out!

This short has been mine for a while now and like the vivid red short, it has been hidden in the deepest corner of my closet. When I first bought it, I used to wear it at home (it is super comfy!) with a white tee or something like that. I dared myself to wear this as leather is must for this fall! I may be living in a eternal summer but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with trends. Even though I am a huge fan of Zara, I was pretty disappointed when the color came off when I washed it for the first time. It didn’t look like leather anymore (unless you come very close). I missed the back of this short but it had a zipper. People keep thinking I wear it backwards every time I use this piece. I love when pieces create this kind of confusion. It is definitely what makes this unique. To top it off, I wore a white faux leather bag with a transparent mirrored sunglass and black heels. Originally, this outfit was not meant to be wore with black heels instead with a very cute platform sandal. Unfortunately, the heels came off and even though they are back on track again, I didn’t want to wear them to somewhere very far away from home.

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How could I just drive by this beautiful colourful houses and not take pictures? This was taken in Samaná, Dominican Republic. What other picturesque places would you suggest?

I was wearing:

Bershka Top

Zara Shorts

Mary Paz Heels

Forever 21 Clutch

Vintage Store Sunglasses

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