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“Ahhhhhh I’m finally here!” is the usual feeling I get whenever I arrive to the beach. Around two weeks ago I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic staying at the Bavaro Princess Resort. I had this urge of going to the beach the whole summer and was finally able to satisfy my self with this trip.

Even though this might sound crazy, I have to say that not long ago I hated the beach. It is crazy hence the fact I live in the Caribbean where the beach is just 30 mins within my reach. I hated all the algaes and felt so insecure around. Therefore, the pool was the only place I could roll by to get away from this terrible heat. Everything changed when I acquired a new mindset about six months ago. When I read a quote that said: “Take advantage of every opportunity”. That was the time when I started researching all the things my country had to offer ranging from touristic destinations to various courses. Upon coming across different options I figured out I could miss out anything but two things: the touristic destinations and the courses that are authentic to this country. Let’s not use the word authentic but courses that are within my reach that aren’t for many, unless you live in an island. In simpler words: cool water sports like surfing, paddle boarding and diving. I thought to myself: I was born with this opportunity so why not take it and learn something new? And here’s when my beach venture started. There is seriously no day I don’t wish I were by the beach relaxing, soaking under the sun.
Parting from this new mindset I have discovered so many new things and have dared myself to take so many new challenges. And definitely, the most rewarding results come from the ones with the most obstacles.
I got this dress about two years ago on a Black Friday when the high low dresses were still a trend. I remember scrolling through all the shops and seeing endless high low dresses around in so many colors especially in Forever 21. Even though I am not seeing this trend as often, I am still so in love with them.
How to wear high low dresses: They can be wore formally or casually depending on what you combine them with. Because my dress is black, it instantly becomes a little more of a formal piece which is why I am combining it with this beautiful golden clutch. Light colored or floral printed high low dresses paired with sandals should be perfect for a more casual look. Cross your finger and hope there is going to be a little wind when you are wearing it (not too much though) because the flowy tail will instantly pop you out from the crowd.

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I was Wearing:

Forever 21 Dress

Vintage Store Clutch listed on Taobao (Basically like a Chinese Ebay)

Shop Similar Items (dresses available in Black)


*What are your thoughts? Have you taken new challenges lately? Which are them?*

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