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HOW TO- look Thinner in Clothes FAST & EASY

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Many people find themselves trapped in a moment where they are way too self-conscious with their own body image. The main reason of this is how the media have shaped that mentality — you should be skinny to be beautiful—. Many of this people even feel insecure to hang out with their friends because they are afraid of being judged. Since there is no one-day diet that could make you lose all the weight you want, luckily, there are some fashion tricks that can help you look skinnier. Basically, what these techniques do is to create an illusion forcing them to look from up to down rather than side-to-side. This reduces the broadness someone sees, and at the same time making you look skinnier.

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1.Be color-wise. Dark colors shadow most of your flaws and have its slimming effects. The best colors are: black, navy blue, dark grey, dark olive, dark plum, and wine red. A little of these colors in your outfit won’t harm instead; they can really look nice in every piece you wear. Always keep in mind to not overdo black with any other similar dark color. Otherwise, you will carry a depressing feeling with you. If you are planning to wear dark completely, make sure to wear some accessories that pop, let’s say a light pink bag, some white bracelets etc.

2. Don’t purchase tight clothes. No matter how attractive you think they are, don’t wear them, unless you have some boobs that will shadow your belly. If you really want to wear them, remember to be color wise.

3. Wear patterns. Patterns tend to confuse the human eye no matter what the base color is. Just keep in mind that dark patterns work better than light colored patterns. The direction of the pattern also matters. Make sure to always wear vertical patterns. Horizontal patterns make you look wider instead.

4. Wear solids. The choices: Patterns or Solids. Large pieces of solids can make you look leaner. They can blur your outline and flaws. Black is the most common color. If you think it is too boring, try dark green or dark red. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a grey top or black jeans.

5. Look for fitted skirts. Fitted skirts with a mild heavy material help obscuring your so-called “unattractive” shape. How long it is will be your choice. However, try avoiding to-the-floor skirts.

6. High wasted bottoms. If its belly that you want to shade, these are your best choice. Not only will you look fashionable with such trend but they also accentuate your best qualities and shade those flaws. Look for dark denim or black colored skinny high waste pants/shorts. High waisted fitted skirts are also a go-to trendy choice.

7. Flowy clothing pieces. Many say they make you even wider but they can surely hide your belly. People tend to out-focus your body because they can’t really see the shape of your body correctly. Flowy crop tops with some high waisted bottom can never go wrong. Otherwise, use skate skirts. They work wonders!

8. Show off the best of you. You might have flaws but everyone has something that makes them feel proud of. Wear something that attracts attention to it whether it’s a cut out in a dress for your thighs if you have a nice one, or accessories if you have thin waist.

Even though I provided some tricks that makes you look thinner, always keep in mind that you don’t always have to look as skinny as runway models to be called beautiful. There are different types of bodies and different types of beauty. Learn to shake off the negative comments and walk away from those that make you feel ashamed of your own body. You are beautiful as long as you believe you are beautiful. No one else can judge but you.

Now your turn, what are your tricks to look slimmer? Share with us in the comments down below!

Much love,

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