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How to Gain Instagram Followers FAST as a Blogger!

how to gain instagram followers fast

Chances are you are reading this post because you have an Instagram account you feel like you don’t have enough followers for your amazing, time consuming feed. You spend most of your time trying to take a picture with the perfect angle but still, when you refresh your notifications tab, not many notifications pop up saying you just gained a new follower. So, what do you do? Feel disappointed and unmotivated to keep uploading awesomeness (?). Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Every famous Instagram account started with 0 followers (of course, unless you cheat and buy yourself 10k of followers). And being honest, it takes LOADS of time and effort to gain a good amount of followers and likes for every picture.

Lucky you, you have just stumbled the right place to learn some tips and tricks to boost gain Instagram followers as fast as possible whether you are a blogger or someone who just wants to increase your influence. With these simple tricks, I was able to gain 4k followers in three weeks and I didn’t even have to pay a penny for them. You won’t believe how powerful these methods really are until you actually start using them.

1. Get yourself NOTICED

How do you expect people to follow you when people don’t even know your Instagram account even exists? Start discovering new people from your niche (photography, blogger, food…). To discover you may use specific tags or look for the likers who like pictures from famous accounts of those niches. Start liking other’s pictures or start commenting. It is very probable they are going to check out your feed once your username pop up in the notifications tab.

2. Use tags WISELY

Most of Instagram users are familiar with tags. In case you didn’t know, Instagram tags help users find pictures easier depending on what they are looking for. However, many bloggers misuse this technique by either over-tagging or using tags that has nothing to do with the picture. When you don’t tag your pictures to the right Instagram tags, you will scare people away. You will look desperate to Instagrammers –which is the last thing you want to show, and not helping with giving what they want to see. Another huge mistake is when you don’t use tags specific enough. If you have a fashion blog don’t tag #blog as it is a very widely used and general tag. So many users use it that it will lower the probability of your picture getting noticed. Instead, use more specific tags as #streetstyle, #fashionblog, or #OOTD. Head over my Instagram @karenwenwu and study how I use them!

3. Add Location

When you add a location you have more chances of being noticed. Whenever people look for a place your photo might appear. And you never know if that user will be your next follower or not right?

4. Give to Receive

Sure thing this is a universal law. When you follow, like or comment on other’s pictures chances are, they are going to do it for you too as a way of saying thank you. Or at least they are going to check your feed. However don’t expect too much if you go over pictures commenting emojis. Leave something meaningful or something that will drive the user check your feed. What I have seen many people do is to like many pictures at once so that when others check their notifications tab, the username will get noticed quickly.

5. Share it

You might be surprised how many of your friends don’t know your have an Instagram account or maybe never knew your username. Share it, spread it through out all your other social media accounts. If you want a quick follow, ask them personally. People don’t usually say no when you ask them personally for a follow.

6. Make your Profile Picture Appealing

Take an AH-MAZING profile picture. Study the profile picture from the people you love. Then, check out yours and ask yourself this: “Would I check my own feed if my picture along my username showed up on my notifications tab?”. If your answer is no, change it. Try to make it as professional as possible and as clean as possible. If it is a yes, then tick this off your list!

7. Improve your feed

No matter how amazing every picture you take is, when people don’t see a theme in your feed (all disorganised or too repetitive), they will pass it. People always take a look at your feed before hitting the follow button. Convince them it is worth it. If you have tons of selfies, try to balance it out by posting something non-selfie. If you have tons of home decor pictures, unless you own a home decor company, try posting something personal.

Focusing on the style pattern problem, if your feed has a vintage style, try to stick to it. If you have a colorful feed, try not to post three vintage styled pictures today and colorful pictures tomorrow. Sure once in a while in case you want to make a post pop, you can skip this but keep in mind you want your feed to have a style; something your followers would remember you for.

8. Try to get Featured

There are TONS of accounts where you can get featured. If you are fashion blogger, you must be familiar with hashtags where large accounts with huge amounts of followers can feature you. Eg: #lookbooknu , #chictopia , #flyfashiondoll … You get exposure to people from the same industry and are more likely to follow you as these accounts are reliable for many people.

9. Make every Picture WORTH the Likes

Before uploading any picture ask yourself this “Would I like this if this popped up on my feed?” If you are not sure, then take it as a no. Edit it, take it again, do whatever you need to do to make it perfect and likeable. Some awesome photo editing applications used by many fashion bloggers are: VSCO Cam and Lightroom. They will provide all you need to make that picture worth the likes.


So, you have just finished reading the best tips to gain followers (all from personal experience). These are definitely the ones I use making my following keeps growing every day. Remember to never give up. If you don’t get your first 1k followers within a week, don’t let that drag you down. This will sound pretty cliché but long as you have a clear goal in mind, you will achieve it. Sure thing, it takes tons of hard work and patience. Get ready for that as it is all going to be worth it.

What other tricks am I missing? Share it down in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: I am no pro at gaining followers. As stated before, this article is crafted with the knowledge of my own personal experience. I am not guaranteeing a certain amount of followers.* Picture from the High Low Dress Post*

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