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Start by picturing this: Tak tak tak, you start to hear a noisier step on one of your platforms than the other while you are shopping. You don’t know what’s happening and ignore it until someone takes a picture of you in such pose where one of your foot is semi lifted up. You check your picture and notice something; your platform is detached from the shoe sole. So, you freak out and have no idea what to do because you are so embarrassed to even think. What would you do? How would you react? You would probably buy another pair of shoes in the mall and change them right away. If it was a good one, you would probably sadly waving good-byes to them. Luckily I didn’t have to, thanks to some amazing sticky candies.
I was in this exact situation last week. You couldn’t see it in the picture I posted on Instagram because it was cropped (how would life be without you crop tool). I started to think of all the emergency tricks I have learned throughout the years and couldn’t come up with one until my mom yelled “Gum!”. We went to a store to buy a packaged of gum chew it, and fixed the sole, at least it lasted for the whole afternoon. I guess I am safe to say it worked.
Things like this happens and can happen to anyone. Don’t throw your favorite pair of shoes right away, apply the emergency tricks I am sharing below to treat different embarrassing problems that could happen to you anytime. Learn them or bookmark this for whenever you or whoever you are hanging out with need it.
1. Broken Sole
Definitely one of the reasons people discard their shoes. My number one fix, gum. Any gum will work even though some are stickier than other. Chew one or two depending how severely it is and stick it between the sole and the shoe. This mainly happens in the heel. In that case gums in the end of the sole is enough. Try stepping roughly on it. It should last long enough for you to purchase a glue (it lasts way longer actually; a whole day). One of the best glue is Shoe Goo. You will be done within 5 minutes. If you don’t want to purchase the glue, keep in mind that what you have is a gum. Try keeping an eye on it once a while.
2. Worn out Look
Whether they are Prada shoes or Crocs, when they look worn out aka faded color, noticeable wrinkles etc; they look… not so well. With a sponge, apply a coat of shoe polish. Let it dry for around 5-10 mins and polish the shoe with a piece of clothe until you get the radiant shine you are looking for.
3. Too tight, Too uncomfortable
We all have different type of feet and we all have sacrificed comfort over style for at least once. I personally do it ALL the time. However we can’t deny how truly uncomfortable it is when our heels are too tight. Instead of having a happy shopping spree with a friend, all you keep wishing is going back home. Good news! There’s an easy fix for this one (correction, easy fixes). Choose yours:
a. Squeeze your heels into a pair of thick socks and using a blow dryer warm up the shoe’s material. Then, walk around or stay with the shoes while their hot in order to get your feet’s shape.
b. Grab a mid size ziplock, fill it up with water until halfway, lock it and insert it into the toe box. Let it there overnight and boom there you go.
4. Slippery Sole
Oh sole, why can’t you stop annoying us. Imagine you are walking over a marble entranceway to your meeting and you suddenly slipped (or almost). Of course you must get up, it’s not like you died but imagine how embarrassing that would be. Choose your way to prevent this one:
a. Rub the soles against rough surfaces (sandpaper, rough patch of sidewalk– for when you need it ASAP, stony driveway, etc) to add some resistance.
b. Spray hairspray! A little stickiness goes a long way.
Coco Rocha once confessed a friend of hers poured Coke on the runway to avoid slipping while she catwalked.
5. It’s getting wider!
Shoes like clothes stretch over time. This can lead to gaps in the shoe which can lead to blisters and annoyance. Add an insole or a self adhesive back heel pad! Not only will they provide extra comfort but also the bye bye to blisters.
Luckily my favorite shoes are still safe to use and below are some pictures of my shoes using the sole-gum method.


how to fix broken sole how to fix shoes shoes problems

Happy ________ with your favorite shoes!
*These are my top tips, which are yours?*

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