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How to Embrace Your Body – Start Here!

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We are often told by the media that bellies are tad ugly. I am not used to go to places where I have to show off some skin with people other than my family because of one simply reason, I don’t like people seeing and criticizing my body. Growing up, people often told me how chubby and fat I was. As more judgements were received I slowly developed a new perspective for my body. Can’t deny it took me time but I did it when I started having thoughts of: Why do I have to starve to thin just because others say so? Isn’t staying healthy more important? Some might argue differently, if you are thin then you are also healthy. That’s simply not true. Everyone is so different, we all react differently to what we eat and the fact that I eat all day doesn’t makes me healthy nor unhealthy.

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Embrace Your Body

We are sold by the media that overdoing workouts, building muscles, eating nuts everyday, having more boobs and being anorexic makes us more attractive. That’s all because they want to sell. Yes, they make us feel bad about ourselves and when we fall into this trap, we buy. Letting go these unrealistic images you will stop comparing yourself to other eventually love yourself more than ever. Your days become brighter when you ignore these Victoria Secret models and just do your thing. You don’t need to have their bodies to rock a beautiful day at the beach.

Unfortunately calling ourselves ugly have become a habit to many of us. It takes time and effort to change what we have believed for so long. If you really want to finally start feeling good about yourself start by:

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1. Forgiving Yourself

None of us were born perfect. Most of the amazing curves models have on your favorite magazine covers are photoshopped. It’s not that they can’t have the body but photos exaggerate. After all, an “attractive” cover is what sells. Don’t try to hurt your body trying to be someone else. What if you start thinking the opposite. This might sound silly but why not make yourself the one that should be admired because of your confidence? Not for some crappy unrealistic photos.

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2. Stop Calling Yourself Ugly

Whenever your catch yourself saying things like: “I wish I had her body.”, “If I was her…”, “If I had her…”, stop yourself and instead say more positive things like: “My body is already great.”, “It looks good because I have…”, “I have… that she doesn’t have.”, “Only my type of body can…”, “I am valuable because…”. These phrases can make you feel like a narcissist in the beginning but better be a narcissist than a unhappy creature.

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3. Look Into The Mirror

Take a look of yourself in the mirror and highlight all the good features you think no one else might have. We all have things no one else has which is what makes us unique. Think of them as positive things. Look into the mirror, smile at it and begin to think how beautiful you are. Say out loud: “Damn, I’m pretty as f*ck.” We are all beautiful and having a small pimple in the chin doesn’t make it the opposite. Not sure if you have heard this but sometimes are the flaws that makes us beautiful.

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4. Be Conscious

Whenever you catch yourself treating harshly your body trying to look like someone else, stop it immediately. Remove it all and do it not because you want to look like someone else but because it will make YOU confident. You’ll know when you get the feeling of: I am walking like Rihanna today!

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5. Do It For Yourself!!!

Being selfish is actually healthy sometimes. Do things for yourself; do it for your comfortability. If wearing a crop top is part of your style, don’t be ashamed of showing off your small belly. After all, that’s what you want to wear. Don’t let other define and tell you what to do. You are the queen of your life and you deserve to rule it however you want. Finally, one thing I have seeing a lot is people challenging others with workout regimes and many of these people accept the challenge just to prove others wrong even when they are not ready yet. Don’t do things to prove others, do it for your personal satisfaction.

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Luckily, being called whatever they call me is no longer important to me anymore. Sometimes I even think I have become a narcissist but if it wasn’t because of this, I would have missed out so many happy memories in life. When you are positive about yourself, that positiveness will show and when you show it, that is what real attractiveness is.

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Oh, here’s me at the beach last weekend. As part of our weekly “different restaurant try out” trips with my brother (see it all on my Snapchat @kkwen), we arrived to this small restaurant at the shores of Juan Dolio called Cafe del Sol. Not surprised of how expensive it was since you can’t expect much from in front of the beach restaurant. Overall, we had a great time at the beach which was part of the small area of the Juan Dolio coast where additional sand was not added.

karen wen blogger beachlace top from pull and bearkaren wen fashion blogger outfit

I fell in love with this lace detail once I saw this top. Small details like this are so in trend this spring/summer. Time to shop for laces, shoulder cut out tops and off shoulders! To make the outfit more beachy, I opted for this mega ripped shorts bought by mom in China last year. And yes, it’s the same one I wore on Gray on top of Denim and Plain White.

karen wen beach

I Was Wearing:
Pull and Bear Top
Vintage Shorts
Kipling Bag
Berhska Bikini Top and Bottom

PS: Yes, I have written posts about How to Look Thinner and other “skinny” beauty related articles. However, it’s not my intention to make the society “thinner”. When it comes to fashion, we all have different tastes and it’s alright to want to hide the small bump when you are wearing a body con dress as long as you accept and love your body as how it is now. Some people live their life hiding who they truly are. That is merely wrong.

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