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The Hangzhou Peacefulness

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Right after we kissed goodbye to the Cheng Huang Miao in Shanghai, we headed directly to Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang Province. While strolling, you will find very cute Chinese styled houses just like those one see on tv as well as a small population.

Hangzhou women used to be called the prettiest women of China due to their average small height and soft voices. This place was not famous until a wave of poets visited the Hangzhou West Lake and started writing about this lake. For centuries, poets wrote about this lake for its beauty, peacefulness and the women who lived nearby. I believe that by that time, the most powerful marketing technique was poems. Ever since these poems became famous, this “Heaven on Earth” became a must see to every Chinese ruler.

The place truly is peaceful. You will often find many wedding photographers actively around as well as more than 20 photographers daily waiting to shoot the sunset. Join locals and take a run in its large garden or if possible, take a seat with a Longjing Tea in hand and enjoy the tranquility of this renown lake.

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Next morning, we went to the Meijiawu Village to visit its tea plantations. We learned about the unique Hangzhou specialty tea: Longjing Tea. Also know as the Dragon Well Tea, it ranks number one among the Top Ten Chinese Teas. The Queen among Green Tea has benefits 10 times an average green tea. If you are into teas, take a look to the benefits of the Hangzhou Longjing Tea.

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Lastly, as part of the tour we visited the Hangzhou Theatre. The show we looked at was about the Song dynasty. Even though the show was very well performed, I felt faulty upon learning some things. Some of the performers have to perform even in a really bad health condition due to their contract with the company. Some performers have tried to retract the contracts due to the broken bones in their hands and legs but are rejected most of the times. To me, this is total abuse. I understand these people know the risks of the job before hand but I believe that if they have another choice, they wouldn’t be taking it.

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