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It can get a little frustrating and even expensive to go to the gift wrapper for this season’s gifts when you have tons of people in mind. But… feeling like you don’t have the expertise to wrap them yourself? Don’t worry, I got ya’. Below I am showing yo guys my ultimate gift wrapping ideas for this holidays (which you can easily replicate). Scroll down fully to get your Christmas extra from me!

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas for this Christmas!

last minute christmas gift ideas

1. Simple yet elegant. Nothing beats brown or white paper with a huge ribbon on it. Add some Christmas embellishments to give that special touch.

DIY gift wrapping

2. In case you don’t have ribbons handy, these ones are for you. The big red one has a ribbon that can be easily made with duct tape and a small extra piece of your wrapping paper. Full tutorial of how to make a ribbon with duct tape. This tutorial also applies for the black ribbon package above it. Next to it, is the glittery champagne colored package. For this one you just have to cut out eight pieces out of a paper of your choice and do a classic basket weaving. Additionally, you can also add a small holy embellishment to make it a little more holiday-ish.

diy gift ideas

3. Looks sophisticating but pretty simple actually. After wrapping the package with white paper, tie a bow with a brown string (tutorial), curl the ribbon with a scissor by pulling the blade against the ribbon and add its final decorations. In the package above, a small bird in his nest was added along a holly embellishment which are very inexpensive things you may purchase at a local store. Below are other examples.

christmas gift ideas

diy gift wrap

ultimate diy guide

holidays gift ideas doilies

4. If you feel like you have a very simple package, add up a crafty tag to make more special. You may either purchase chalkboard tags like the one above or grab a piece of hard paper (you may glue multiple pieces over each other) and paint it with chalkboard oil. Let it dry and attach it to your gift.

gift wrap handmade diy

4. If you liked the idea above and want to take it to the next level, wrap your gifts with chalkboard paper. It can be a little hard as chalkboard paper is very thick. Write your messages on it or get a little more artsy and draw something special on it. In case you can’t find this type of paper, you can make it your own my painting a large piece of paper with chalkboard oil. Another option is to purchase matte black paper and write on it with a white marker or pen.

gift wrapping idead

gift wrapping ideas

5. Want to go for a little more classic style? Wrap your gift with brown paper and glue a doily over it. Above that, you may add a glittery round tag or a ribbon.

recycle craft ideas

6. This is my favorite one! You may use cute holiday bags or create your own by using brown paper and holiday stamps on it. Finish up with a ribbon and your personal tag!

This one’s a great idea for any gift for any occasion (just remember to change the theme of you stamps!).

I have also created a variety Tag Templates for you guys in case you just want to print it out yourself instead of purchasing them. Get them FREE!

*Am I missing any other amazing gift wrapping idea? Share it in the comments section below!

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