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Foods that will make you Happy! (No, the Happiest Person Alive!)

how to be happy instantly

There are times where we find ourselves reading articles about “How to be Happy”, “What Habits do Happy People Have”, “Secrets that Lead you to a Happy Life” and a lot of these stuffs. When you are looking for this, chances are you are not in mood of haha-ing or maybe you just feeling very… bleh. You don’t want to read about long term commitments –we all know some of them, but about instant things you can do to boost your mood up. What is it? Eating. Food? Yes, food! What we all love! Your mood can definitely be boosted by eating the right healthy food. How does that work? It is all about the brain. When you eat to keep your brain healthy, you become happy. Luckily, we have found some foods that

contain certain nutrients that will help boost your brain’s health. All you have to do is know how to shop wisely. Here are my top healthy picks that will give you the boost you need right now — no, no don’t worry there won’t be much legumes and plants but things that most of us, if not all LOVE! So, here comes the list of the foods that will make you happy instantly!

1. Potatoes

Whether you like it mashed, baked or however you like cooking it, it will help you! Potatoes have some complex carbs –these ones are the good ones, that are proven to boost your mood. My favorite is the baked potato with child from Wendy’s. I know its fast food but still slightly healthier than a burger (?), so I’m okay with that.

2. Bananas

“The power booster” I like to call it. They regulate the blood pressure, have fibers, proteins and a whole bunch lot of things. This bomb will certainly give you all the energy you need AND reduce your stress too! Call me a monkey but I am not giving up eating at least one banana per day. I like to keep them around even on my ice creams!

3. Cacao

Whoo hoo, chocolate! “I am feeling down, can you please get me some chocolate?” what a great excuse to break your diet huh? That would definitely be the excuse I would be using only if I could fake being down without laughing in a minute.

4. Coffee

Whenever someone tells you how bad coffee is for your health, tell them about this. Tell them is has been scientifically proven to boost your mood. Some studies have even shown how people who enjoy coffee are more friendly, kind, and pleasurable. One more great reason to drink coffee every day!

5. Mushrooms

Never really expected much of this one associated with happiness huh? Honestly, despite it has always been my favorite food, I didn’t either. Luckily, I eat a lot of this and its vitamin D is proven to enhance our moods. Try including them on your omelettes for breakfast or make mushroom sauce for your grilles salmon. I promise you won’t regret it –unless you are allergic to them.

6. Apple

Notice how easily you can get full by just eating apples? Yeah, that sense of fullness makes me happy –not sure if its only me. But no, that’s not the reason why it make you happy. It has a nutrient called quercetin (quer..what?!) that helps you feel more energetic by blocking substance that causes allergy. Don’t forget to eat the skin too, there is where most of the quer.. thingy (quercetin) is mostly concentrated.

7. Junk food and Sweets (YAY!)

I had to include this even though it not healthy at all. However, we can’t deny the fact of how happy they really make us instantly. Have you seen a kid crying with an ice cream in his hand? No, see? And chances are, you are never going to see that happen, unless the kid is allergic to it or the ice cream fell. Eat whatever your favorite food is and you will see how your stressful mindset will disappear! Unfortunately, sweets make us crave for more but still once you are better, try to control yourself. Don’t overdo this though (meaning, every single day, in which hopefully you are not going to be feeling down), it might lead you from being happy to its opposite –the word is just too ugly. You are cool if its just once per week.

Peeps, hopefully by now you are in a good mood and able to speak to everyone else around you! Remember, even though a smile’s not a food, it is your best accessory! And even when you are down, just by smiling to yourself in the mirror or to someone else, it will boost your mood. I know it sounds crazy but it works!

*You can always watch me on Snapchat @kkwen enjoying my daily treats.*

Have a great day!



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