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Fashion Week Fall 2014 Top Picks

Fashion weeks are one of the main sources where we can find fashion inspiration. Not only that, but add to our -to buy- list what we wish we had even though it might get expensive.
Here are my top picks from the Fashion Week Fall 2014 from a variety of very unique designers.

best of fashion wee 2014

J. Mendell

These dresses are to die for! Especially the white and purple one. The texture these dresses have (chiffon i guess) makes them so unique. Plus, showing skin dresses are going very trendy these days. It is definitely a very simple yet sophisticating look.

best of fashion week

J. Mendell

More dresses to die for! I extremely love the second one!

kate spade best of

Kate Spade New York

I really love how neon can still be rocked in fall! Especially the first and third outfit except that in the third one I wouldn’t pair it up with a blue bag but a white one.

kate spade  fashion week

Kate Spade New York


I really really hope this trend will stay forever! (cross fingers) This classic-nerdy-formal-girly style is one of the best creations that the fashion world have ever created! AND the oxford shoes and heels (DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE). These combinations in the picture are flawless!



fashion week 2014

Marc Jacobs

I am so sure I will never ever get tired of Marc Jacobs. This flawless top will get you looks every where you go! It’s so simple yet unique. It sometimes makes me wonder how some small things can actually make a difference when it’s added to a bigger piece. It’s so casual and formal.

tadashi shoji fashion show

Tadashi Shoji

I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I really love thing that have the same pattern as the top part of the dress. It’s so classy and unique.

fashion week 2014

From Tokyo Fashion Week

I swear that one of the only reasons I love fall and winter is that I get to wear furry jackets! Even though I don’t get to here in the caribbean but it’s always fun to go shop them. Furry things are so comfortable and you get to touch it whenever you want! no? The first outfit kind of like gives you a tick of authority. All these outfits fits so good on everyone and they’ll always be trendy. The dress though, it’s beautiful however I don’t think it would suit on everyone.

best of fashion week 2014

Stella McCartney

This dress is truly gorgeous and unique! Do you see that touch of red and the mini waves at the end of the dress? wow. Except that I would never pair that up with those wedges.

fashion show fall 2014

Stella McCartney

I this one I might pair them up with those sneaker/wedges. The flower shapes gives the dress a very unique touch even though it’s overall very simple. The jacket is what actually gives the look the touch of glam. It’s beautiful and easy to pair up with clothes.

blake lively fashion week

Michael Kors

Yeahp, Blake Lively was backstage at Michael Kors Fashion show. I really so in love the blue and beige color combinations from Michael Kors lately!

best of fashion week



This sophisticating dress is so casual and wearable to so many formal occasions. The furry belt and the middle pattern gives it a touch of uniqueness. The pinkish-beige color makes it so wearable for many of us.


Which one’s your favourite? Comment it down below! Or email me, I’d love to hear from you!


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