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Today, I am finally done with the busy days of filling out college applications! Which also means new content. Amidst all the work and stuff, last week I was still able find time and shoot a few outfits. If you didn’t know, now you know: I don’t shoot every single day. I plan my outfits and have a day to shoot for one or more posts. So, usually the process goes like this: I go to my closet find the combos I have never shot before and just play mix and match. Next, I go to my mom’s closet and do the same. Finally, I go to my sister in law’s closet and do the exact same thing again. Finally, I mix them all up, shoot and return the pieces to their owners. Luckily, all our clothes fit each other. Perks are, more clothes for everyone!

In this occasion, I am wearing my mom’s favorite dress which she purchased in the 90s from Liz Claiborne and my newest Coach bag. The beauty lies in the simplicity of this dress. To finish up the look, I wore a choker and a pair of sunglasses from Okayla Collection to add a contemporary touch. I mean, I know it’s fall and brown should be all around but it can never hurt to add a pop of metallic to a look. It’s awesome how people now love vintage things. No more purchases, just dig into your mom’s old closet, or your sister’s, or whoever that lived in the 70s-90s. You will surely find chokers, wide ankle pants, tons of polka dots and flares. Hope this Renaissance doesn’t leave anytime soon. I am loving it!

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What about you? How you feel about old trends?

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