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A Day in Orlando: Disney World – Magic Kingdom

disneyland orlando

Hello sweeties!

Here is my first time at Disney World! And in time for Christmas Day! I guess I would have enjoyed it much more if I were younger. Despite the natural beauty of the place and luckily the awesome weather it had that day, I wasn’t finding the very well themed roller coasters as fun as the little kids thought they were. However, I did really enjoy a lot the go to side to side feeling in some roller coasters like the Gold Miner in Magic Kingdom. Most importantly, I was able to spend quality time with my family while laughing over kids getting excited and scared in some of the attractions. It definitely couldn’t have provoked more flashbacks.

One phrase description: Fairytalely beautiful!

magic kingdom

minney mouse

orlando tours

turkey leg


Turkey legs! Why did we even buy two? We were three and couldn’t finish even one. What a waste!


christmas day disney


Aw, family pict <3 at a castle that changes its color almost every minute and you just want to take a picture with every single color and no one wants to take the thousand pictures you want to take even if you paid them because it is just too much. #toughlife

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Not Cinderella’s anymore? It was Frozen themed!


cute outfit


(And there’s Karen, imitating Minnie from her top.) Snow in Orlando! Kidding, those were fake snow that tangled your hair like crazy!

disney outfit


disney christmas

frozen olaf

Got to see my favourite Disney character! OLAF <3333


I was wearing:

Top- Bershka

Bottom- Mango

Bag- Stradivarius

Shoes- Puma

Momma Wen’s Outfit:

Outwear- Bloomingdale’s

Shoes- New Balance

Jeans- Stradivarius

Top- Bloomingdale’s


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