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on top of a mountain constanza dominican republic

As I am now passing by the beautiful Caribbean Sea en route to the airport, I am starting to feel nostalgic and probably considering changing life paths. For the last couple of years, you would constantly hear me say how I want to graduate as fast as possible so I can finally leave the country where I grew up in. I felt tired of living somewhere where the tallest building would only get to 50 floors high, tired of the fact that wherever I went people would look at me as an alien because of my race, tired of having to hop on a car to go wherever I want to and tired of endless things. Unsure of what might have happened, lately my mindset has shifted to a different direction. Probably due to the amount of time I have left in this island or maybe I have been enjoying the beach a bit too much and looking at the photos below does not help at all. So now I am posed with two options: to live the chill life where I have it all or the busy, metropolis life that I have always dreamed of but lonely without anything. My dad say I would be a masochist if I chose the latter even though he can’t say much hence he left home at 15 to pursue his dreams. But again, we all have dreams and dreams is what keeps us moving forward. Although there are many possibilities where I am living now, I see there are more outside the border. In fact, good or bad, experiences are what make this life meaningful. I don’t have enough money to be wandering around and leave the decision for later nor I have enough time to waste. And even though I haven’t made the decision yet at least I know that one thing is for sure: my passion belongs to exploration.

Mientras paso por el Mar Caribe en camino al aeropuerto, comienzo a sentirme nostálgica y posiblemente considerando sobre que camino de la vida escoger. En los últimos años siempre me oían expresar lo tanto que no me gusta vivir en un lugar donde el edificio más alto sólo llega a 50 pisos, donde me miran por todos los lados por ser china y por donde me tengo que montar en un carro a donde sea que vaya. No sé lo que pasó, pero esos pensamientos se han ido. Será por el chin de tiempo que falta por irme o será por qué he estado yendo demasiado a la playa últimamente. Ahora me quedo con dos opciones: vivir la vida chill la vie donde lo tengo todo o irme afuera para pasar trabajo. Mi padre dice que sería masoquista si escojo la última opción, pero no pede hablar mucho porque se fue al extranjero a los 15 para perseguir sus sueños. Aunque tengo muchas posibilidades y muchas opciones en donde vivo, veo que hay más afuera. Además, las experiencias buenas o malas, son buenas. No he tomado la decisión todavía, pero algo está claro: vivo para explorar.

karen wen on top of the mountains


Speaking about exploration, here is an update of my travelling life. A few weeks ago, during Spring Break to be exact, we visited this famous town in the Northern region of the country called Constanza, here in the Dominican Republic. Well known for its beautiful mountains and awful routes is also the main producer of strawberries for the country. I was able to stay along four more families in this huge villa that have a perfect outlook to the mountains located in a residence called “Villas Las Neblinas”. Waking up mountains everyday was pure bliss. We visited the Purama Gardens which are one of the main flower producers of the country and their strawberry field which is a must, a few friends and a beautiful restaurant with the most unique view. We had tons of fun and I really loved having the chance to reconnect with my friends as well as my very own soul.

Hablando de exploraciones, he aquí un update de mi vida en viajes. Unas semanas atrás, en Semana Santa exactamente, visitamos el famosos pueblo de Constanza, aquí en República Dominicana. Famoso por sus bellas montañas y caminos horribles, tambien el productor más grande de fresas del país. Tuve la oportunidad de quedarme en esta hermosa villa localizado en un residencial llamad “Villas Las Neblinas” con otras familias y no hubo nada mejor que despertarme todos los días, abrir las ventanas y ver estas hermosas montañas. Fuimos a visitar Jardines Purama y sus plataciones de fresas, un restaurante con la mejor vista y a algunos amigos. Nos divertimos muchísimo y me encantó la oportunidad de reconectarme con algunos amigos y con mi propia alma.

karen wen travel constanza villa constanza republica dominicana dominican republic mountain wallpaper rancho guaraguao constanza republica dominicana dominican republic constanza top destinations on top os the world tumblr que hacer en constanza republica dominicana mountains tumblr karen wen restaurante sobre las montanas constanza

The restaurant is called “Restaurante Guaraguao” which their “jugos” or juices are amazing. Another food option could be “Restaurante MonCarlo” which is located right in the middle of the town. And even though Constanza is not very well known for their seafood, MonCarlo’s “Camarón al ajillo” is a must try.

Este restaurente se llama “Restaurante Guaraguao” donde tienen los mejores jugos. Otra opción muy buena de comida es el “Restaurante MonCarlo” que está localizado en el centro del pueblo. Tienen que probar su “Camarón al ajillo”, buenísimo.

on top of the world

See what I am saying about the view?

Ven lo que digo sobre la vista?

fresas de republica dominicana picking up strawberries fields dominican republic recogiendo fresas karen wen

Got to eat strawberries fresh off the plants! Seriously, only in Constanza.

Sólo en Constanza pasa esto. Comerse las fresas fresquesitas.

fresas constanza strawberry field travel karen wen strawberry field constanza dominican republic travel travel dominican republic wallpaper dominican republic constanza valle nuevo jardin purama constanza purple flowers caribbean flores purama jardin constanza purple rose constanza purama garden flower field dominican republic flower fields purama garden constanza

This is only part of the Purama Gardens. They also have a plantain and banana field at the back.

Esto es solo una parte de Jardines Purama. Tienen una plantación de guineo y plátanos al fondo.

villa in the mountain condos in constanza dominican republic estadias en constanza vista de constanza republica dominicana constanza republica dominicana paisajes constanza republica dominicana turismo interno

So grateful to have stayed at somewhere so beautiful!

Super agradecida de haber tenido el chance de levantarme a esto todos los días.

parque valle nuevo constanza

Today’s itinerary: Land to NYC, wait for 10 hrs and off to Guangzhou, China! Finally having the chance to see my amazing fam and shop my butt off! Follow the journey on my Snapchat @kkwen or Instagram @karenwenwu.

Itinerario de hoy: Llegar a NYC, esperar 10 hrs y nos fuimos a Guangzhou, China! Por fin tendré la oportunidad de ver a mi familia y comprar toda la ropa del mundo! Sigan este viaje en Snapchat @kkwen y Instagram @karenwenwu.

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