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17th Birthday

karen wen birthday

In a blink of an eye, I am just one year away from being legal. So far, I am thankful for what all these years of life have brought me. Not only do I feel lucky to have been born in such an amazing family but also being able to surround myself with friends that I truly love and appreciate. I would describe my 16th year as one Continue Reading →

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DIY Minions Lip Balm!

minions kevin

Lip Balms are essentials for your lips. EOS, noyah Natural, Avène, Dior and Neutrogena are among my favorite brands of very affordable lip balms leaving your lips as soft as cotton. Plus, many of these brands offer lip balms with SPF! With the Minions fever lately, everyone wants Minions everywhere! Have you seen the Minions bed? Crazy right?! So now, why not on your lip balm too? Something you use Continue Reading →

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HOW TO- look Thinner in Clothes FAST & EASY

sexy model

Many people find themselves trapped in a moment where they are way too self-conscious with their own body image. The main reason of this is how the media have shaped that mentality — you should be skinny to be beautiful—. Many of this people even feel insecure to hang out with their friends because they are afraid of being judged. Since there is no one-day diet that could make you lose all the weight you want, luckily, there are some fashion tricks that can help you look skinnier. Basically, what these techniques do is to create an illusion forcing them to look from up to down rather than side-to-side. This reduces the broadness someone sees, and at the same time making you look skinnier.
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Hey girls!
Here I’m showing you girls 3 simple everyday hairstyles you may wear to you office, school, or even just for the park! They are really simple to do. Less than 3 mins! I’m soon going to be posting the super natural make up look I used for this video and my in-video OOTD!

Stay tuned!

AND Don’t forget to comment in the video, which one was your favourite!

Check out my channel for more vids!. Channel: Karen Wen

Best Wishes for y’all
xoxo, Karen Wen

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Best Ways to Treat Acne

Hey Peeeps!
It’s me Karen Wen!


Here I’m showing you guys some ways I came up with from my personal experiences to treat acne/pimples. Lately, I’ve had so many pimples. It’s something that I find gross in me, even though that’s not what I think when I see someone with that. Pimples are completely normal. But because I barely have and even if I have, they’re small, I find them weird in me.
For this, you don’t necessarily have to know the cause of your acne. This tips work very well on every type. The usually last 10-15 mins. The longer the better and faster.
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