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How to Politely Ask to Split The Bill

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Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Square Cash but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Whether you are in a brunch, road trip or any hang out, we tend to have that friend that never has cash or spare changes with them. As of me, I am usually always the one to help them out. I barely leave the house without making my wallet a change machine. Seriously, I feel that spare changes are so important. Helping friends out a few times and with few amount of cash may be okay but things get serious when you are let’s Continue Reading →

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Christmas 2016

beach resort boca chica

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Sorry for the late post, though. I did, however, wished you guys the best on my Instagram. It’s been a while since I celebrated Christmas at my hometown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. If you’ve been following me for a while, you would have noticed how I mostly travel during Christmas. Last year was spent in California and the previous one, Miami. Yesterday, was a day spent by the beach in a restaurant called El Pelicano Beach Club in Boca Chica. Love the food and the scenery it provides. Plus, this beautiful sunshine is priceless. Argh, it’s sad to think I won’t be able to do this as often when I move to Hong Kong for college! Sure there are a lot of beachfront restaurants too but the vibe is different. I’ll miss the people here.

#ILiveWhereYouVacation ☀️🌴

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beachfront restaurant best destination restaurants el pelicano boca chica beach club dominican republic beach resort boca chica el pelicano boca chica neptunos

Christmas by the beach ☀️ #DominicanRepublic #MerryChristmas

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It’s time to Chill, Again.

juan dolio resort emotions karen wen

Seriously, the best perk of living in the Caribbean the ease to escape to a resort for a few days. No matter how chill you try to be in the city, it’s different when you are in a place with so much green and blue. I was invited to Emotions Resort in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. I needed this vacation so bad! It’s been a while since I slept 8 hours per day which is what I always try to do. These 3 days helped me recover 2 weeks of sleep. Not kidding. Continue Reading →

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Wuxi: Chinese Pearl Dungeon

karen wen china wuxi

Around three hours of drive from Hangzhou, we arrived to Wuxi, the city of the Chines province Jiangsu. By this time, the non stop bus tours started to make me feel very tired of this entire trip. However, no matter how tired I was, I still looked forward for the next days to come. Travel is all about exploring and learning; opening your mind to new things. Which is definitely why I love it so much. Continue Reading →

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The Hangzhou Peacefulness

hangzhou china west lake touristic landmark

Right after we kissed goodbye to the Cheng Huang Miao in Shanghai, we headed directly to Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang Province. While strolling, you will find very cute Chinese styled houses just like those one see on tv as well as a small population.

Hangzhou women used to be called the prettiest women of China due to their average small height and soft voices. This place was not famous until a wave of poets visited the Hangzhou West Lake and started writing about this lake. For centuries, poets wrote about this lake for its beauty, peacefulness Continue Reading →

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A Guide to Shanghai

the bund shanghai wai tan travel

Hello, Shanghai!

Shanghai, a city full of sky scrappers and people at a horrible scale on a very concentrated area. After two hours of flight from the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel as fast as I could and hop on the bed for a nap. However, since it was our only free day in Shanghai, I had to make it worth. First Continue Reading →

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Baiyun Shan / White Clouds Mountain

hiking trail mountain

Baiyun Shan or in english, White Clouds Mountain, is located in one of the calmest neighborhood in Guangzhou which is also called Baiyun.

We took off to the site at 11:00am with the weather, luckily, not too sunny and ended up leaving at 5:00pm. Surely, we didn’t intend to spend so much time in there but time flied as we aimed to summit. 3 hours up and 3 more down. It is fun to see that as you walk, it feels like the trees in the sides of the hiking trail are going to give you a hug. The trail doesn’t get narrower though, but there Continue Reading →

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San Rafael, Barahona, Dominican Republic

where to visit dominican republic barahona

I mean, it’s summer. I can’t deny I really miss the beach even though I am still on a trip in the beautiful city of Guangzhou. Here are photos of a recent trip to San Rafael, Barahona back in the Dominican Republic. Those waves are almost double the size of me and so strong that whatever you have on you, will surely come off. Unfortunately, it’s a really rocky beach and it may hurt your feet spending time there. Beside the Continue Reading →

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Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou: Ultimate Place to Eat and Shop.

china karen wen blogger guangzhou

First full day in Guangzhou, China! Definitely the most prosperous city of Southern China. I arrived last afternoon at 3:00pm and my butt literally hurt from the 16hrs flight from New York. Once I stepped, I suddenly felt a sense of belonging. I wasn’t born here but we are from the same race. This morning we visited my grandma and then took a long walk to the “tall buildings” area, which are most of them public Continue Reading →

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No Filter

on top of a mountain constanza dominican republic

As I am now passing by the beautiful Caribbean Sea en route to the airport, I am starting to feel nostalgic and probably considering changing life paths. For the last couple of years, you would constantly hear me say how I want to graduate as fast as possible so I can finally leave the country where I grew up in. I felt tired of living somewhere where the tallest building would only get to 50 floors high, tired of the fact that wherever Continue Reading →

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How to Embrace Your Body – Start Here!

fashion blogger beach karen wen

We are often told by the media that bellies are tad ugly. I am not used to go to places where I have to show off some skin with people other than my family because of one simply reason, I don’t like people seeing and criticizing my body. Growing up, people often told me how chubby and fat I was. As more judgements were received I slowly developed a new perspective for my body. Can’t deny it took me time but I did it when I started having thoughts of: Why do I have to starve to thin just because others say so? Isn’t staying healthy Continue Reading →

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Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk Worth It?

grand canyon west vs south

A bitter cold and huge fog marked the day when we finally paid a visit to The Grand Canyon West. Initially, we wanted to visit the South Rim as most of the reviews favoured it, however, due to the long driving hours it was going to take us from Las Vegas, we leaved it for another time.

First off, just the fact that it is a canyon, already makes it awesome for me. I’ve been wishing to see something like this so long ago. So much history was involved in this. Fortunately, we had the chance to Continue Reading →

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LACMA, Los Angeles and Other Spring Trends

fashion blogger outfits

Visiting LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum) was thought to be a must during my trip to LA. There’s really no place more photogenic than this and you guys know how obsessed I am with photogenic places; hence the reason I blog. After scoring a ‘sold out’ notice from The Broad Museum, LACMA seemed to be the next option. We arrived, boom, saw the lights, woohoo, got into the museum, bleh and that was it. Not to Continue Reading →

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Downtown Las Vegas | Fremont Street Experience

freemont street las vegas

Las Vegas: Check. Off from my bucket list. Upon arriving to Las Vegas after the eternal eight hours that took us from LA , I immediately felt the dryness of the place. The sun was still up, shining beautifully upon us. It wasn’t there for long enough though. We arrived to our hotel around 4:30pm and when we finally got into our room, I looked out: boom, I noticed it looked like a 10:30pm in Los Angeles at Continue Reading →

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Primm, Nevada – Route 66

look of the day barstow

On our road to Las Vegas from Los Angeles almost immediately after the long day in Santa Monica we couldn’t help but make a few stops. Man, it was a long ride! Before heading to Las Vegas, I swear I googled the drive time again and again and the counter kept showing me it was only going to take 4 and a half hours from LA to Las Vegas. So as usual, I picked some snacks from the dollar store I told you guys about that was near our hotel in LA and really thought I was ready. I should’ve definitely picked more.

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Santa Monica Trip Diary – Days in California

santa monica california trip

Hey guys! As many of you might have already seen on my social media accounts, I have been enjoying my longest trip to the States to date last Christmas (writing “last christmas” sounds like it was so long ago but no, I mean Christmas 2015). We, me and my parents, arrived to LA the 19th of December at 11pm and arrived to the hotel by 1:00am of the 20th. We decided to take a 8 day tour to most of the places in California and Nevada before having 7 more days by ourselves in LA since it would’ve been very exhausting if we did it the other way around.

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Top Things to Do in Samaná, Dominican Republic + Vista Mare

travel blogger

Lately if you have been following me on Snapchat (@kkwen) you know I have been very busy road tripping. Our family just felt this sudden urge to explore and get to know better the country we are living at. It is tiring but nothing is better than to learn and appreciate new corners of the world. Upon arriving to this beautiful place in Samaná, Dominican Republic called Vista Mare, I was definitely blown away by this view! The white houses reminded of a little Greece. Coincidentally,

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A weekend in a Ranch – Day Three – New Friends, Experience, +

ranch life karen

Day 3, our last day! So many memories were made that I didn’t want to leave. I had the chance to make n amazing new friends, try amazing new things, and explore amazing places. Usually, I am not this type of person who likes living together with people other than my family (sometimes I even rather to be alone) but this experience has definitely changed my view towards this. I didn’t like it so much as I like having my own freedom while doing my things. I tend to get this weird pressure of doing things out of my daily routine whenever I am around a big group of friends. Continue Reading →

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A Weekend in a Ranch – Day Two – Kayak, Zipline and More+

horses ranch

Day two, our best day yet…and not. I woke up pretty early, probably around 6AM; had a look out at the window and appreciated quietly the serene scenery while others were still asleep. After a while of appreciation and coziness, I finally decided to descend from the torturous bunk bed’s stairs and get ready for the day ahead. Because we were going to kayak that day, I decided to wear my bikini under my outfit. Fortunately, the swimwear is pretty versatile so I could wear them without the straps. The next

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A Ranch for a Weekend – Day 1

riding a horse

Last week, I finally paid a visit to Rancho Don Rey, a ranch located in Sabana de la Mar, Dominican Republic. Somewhere our school have been tries to convince its students every year to visit. It never really interested me until this year; probably because I feared insects too much and I felt I was too young. I still fear them though, but I guess the older you get, the more you want to challenge yourself and live new experiences. Luckily, none showed up but little frogs, nothing to die about. During this weekend, I had a chance to fully reconnect with nature (I tried, even though it sounds kind of ironic as I never leaved my phone out of my hands). Now that I really think about it, I’ve never been so surrounded by such a pure scenery.

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Vivid Red Shorts

karen wen blogger

Woah, never really thought I would find a way to wear these extremely bright red shorts. They have been buried somewhere really deep in my closet ever since last year. I always thought these red shorts were too bright to pair with any of my tops and it would also grab too much attention hence color and even worse when this beautiful bright Caribbean sun shines upon it.

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