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Foods that will make you Happy! (No, the Happiest Person Alive!)

how to be happy instantly

There are times where we find ourselves reading articles about “How to be Happy”, “What Habits do Happy People Have”, “Secrets that Lead you to a Happy Life” and a lot of these stuffs. When you are looking for this, chances are you are not in mood of haha-ing or maybe you just feeling very… bleh. You don’t want to read about long term commitments –we all know some of them, but about instant things you can do to boost your mood up. What is it? Eating. Food? Yes, food! What we all love! Your mood can definitely be boosted by eating the right healthy food. How does that work? It is all about the brain. When you eat to keep your brain healthy, you become happy. Luckily, we have found some foods that

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5 Detox Water Recipes That You Will Want To Keep Drinking Every Second

diy detox water

Who said water is boring? Whoever said that will regret it after reading and trying today’s detox water recipes out. Whether you want to slim down or look younger, stronger, and healthier, water is the key. Everything in life starts getting better after removing all the toxic entities around us. The same happens with your body. How do I get rid of these toxins? By drinking 6-8 cups of water per day or simply

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Smoothies: Top 3 Smoothies

Some of us are overweighted, while some of us just want to build a healthier life.
Smoothies are part of that healthy lifestyle. Water all day is just boring even though we should never forget that water is basically what holds life. Here are five different super easy smoothies recipes you may incorporate to your daily life, giving you the boost you need at anytime.

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

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I Dare YOU!

Look, I’m starting my daily workout. It’s a real challenge for me because I’m way too lazy for workouts. If you want a fit or sexy body join me! We are all in this together! I dare you to make this a routine. It only takes 21 days to make something a routine! Our goal here is not only Achieving our body but a super mega healthy body.

Promise to:
1. Do at least 20 mins of workout daily. Pilates if you want.

  1. After one week of 20 mins, increase it to 30 mins.

  2. After two weeks of 30 mins increase it to one hour.

  3. Keep in mind that that’s good for your health.

  4. I understand how much it will hurt at first; that’s why in the first two weeks you may go slower.

  5. Eat fruits for at least one meal a day.

  6. Only drink one cup of soda drinks.
    You may drink as much juice as you want without sugar. Natural always tastes better!

  7. Drink 64 ounces of water a day. This means 2 liters a day.

  8. You may break the workouts into parts. 10 mins, 2 hrs rest, 15 mins, etc.

  9. And most importantly: Never give up. Keep in mind your goals. Once you achieve your body everyone will admire you!

Never break your promises. If you do break this one, shame of you! Remember it’s for your own good!

Choose an super active song like Work Bitch by Britney Spears! It’s my favorite one to listen.

You may find workouts in youtube or just purchase a random one. Workouts are workouts! If not, just run, do jumping jacks, planks and CRUNCHES. Crunches are hard but when you get used to it, they are fun to do!

You may also get workouts from fitness blender in youtube for free!

Best wishes for y’all
Xoxo, Karen Wen