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Ultimate DIY Christmas Gifts Guide Last Minute or Not

best gift ideas holidays

Best part of Christmas besides the meetings and vacations? The GIFTS! Duh. A few days ago I showed you guys my ultime gift wrapping ideas (giving free tag templates away too) and after hitting the publish button I began wondering how will that be useful if my readers don’t know what to wrap over? So, here is when I share the best gifts you can easily DIY for your loved ones with things you probably already have at home. Don’t be discouraged after reading the “DIY” if you are not a crafty person, remember that gifts

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How to Fix your Shoes – DIY Repair your Shoes

shoe problems and solutions
Start by picturing this: Tak tak tak, you start to hear a noisier step on one of your platforms than the other while you are shopping. You don’t know what’s happening and ignore it until someone takes a picture of you in such pose where one of your foot is semi lifted up. You check your picture and notice something; your platform is detached from the shoe sole. So, you freak out and have no idea what to do because you are so embarrassed to even think. What would you do? How would you react? You would probably buy another pair of shoes in the mall and change them right away. If it was a good one, you would probably sadly waving good-byes to them. Luckily I didn’t have to, thanks to some amazing sticky candies.