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How to Politely Ask to Split The Bill

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Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Square Cash but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Whether you are in a brunch, road trip or any hang out, we tend to have that friend that never has cash or spare changes with them. As of me, I am usually always the one to help them out. I barely leave the house without making my wallet a change machine. Seriously, I feel that spare changes are so important. Helping friends out a few times and with few amount of cash may be okay but things get serious when you are let’s Continue Reading →

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5 Must Have Fashion Items for Summer

Summer is not all about hot body and tanning. Beside all the waves, pool parties and stuff, there are still fashion trends to keep up to date with. I mean… to some of us, the beach is a far reach. What kind of tops? What kind of bracelets? Along all these info, learn the headlines by heart to grab and go with the confidence of being atop of everyone else. Continue Reading →

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Spring Break: 10 Must Haves To Take On Your Vacation

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Whether you are going to the mountains or to the beach, there are always going to be a few essentials your must pack to make the best out of your Spring Break trip. You don’t want to say “Oh, I forgot my sunscreen” in the middle of the road. To make your packing experience easier without having to overpack, you must think about the versatility of your choices. Does this short combine with these two shirts? Or is it only with this one? Think about how many times you can use something up without Continue Reading →

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Christmas Gift Guide – for the Lazy ones!

Christmas is around the corner guys! Two more more days to unwrap gifts, YAY! As many of you guys know I personally don’t celebrate it in the sense of I don’t do any feast, pray or anything like that. I do get to receive and give out gifts though. So I guess I have my own version of Christmas? Back to gifts, last week I showed you guys A gift guide with gifts you can easily DIY and today I’ll be showing you another gift guide which is a little different in case you don’t have enough time or just don’t feel like getting crafty or… you are just being too lazy. Below I have picked my favorite affordable gifts for HER and for HIM that will definitely make her/him remember you forever (I know I would wink wink). Scroll down to find some fresh inspiration in this ultimate Christmas gift guide!



Hopefully by now you already know what to give to your loved ones this Christmas! Just one more thing, please don’t forget to wrap them amazingly beautiful because as much as we want to deny it, appearance DOES matter. Aaaaand I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Did you notice the snow flakes in our homepage? (Christmas vibes huh?) Alright enough rambling, I’m off to dinner in beautiful Las Vegas! Tomorrow I’ll be headed back LA and soon off to San Francisco, Santa Barbara… (pretty long trip, I know… My snapchat followers are loving it! Come along and enjoy this trip with our small Snapchat family! @kkwen

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Black Friday – How to Save Even More – Top Picks

First of all, let me wish everyone: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Pre- Black Friday ! Time to give thanks to all those who have been there for you. Luckily, even though my family don’t celebrate it, I still get to eat a lot today (yes, food always come first).

I think that by the end of November it’s not Thanksgiving that makes me and my family feel most excited (yes but no) but the deals on Black Friday! You really get to save tons! So lucky it’s just a few days before my birthday (November 30). Because of this, yes, I do get spoiled with gifts sent by me to myself (and yeah some from my family and friends).
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What to Wear for Fall – Colors, Trends and More

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Transitioning your wardrobe seasonally can be frustrating and sometimes even expensive. I personally don’t update my closet four times a year but only twice as I live in the Caribbean. I mix up Spring and Summer trends and Fall and Winter trends. Because it is time to change up, before you do so, keep in mind that it is not about the items you purchase but how you put them together.

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SUMMER MUST HAVES: Comfy Sandals 2015

Last year, I posted about how important owning comfy sandals is. And even though those facts are still intact, the selection of our favorite sandals are not anymore. THIS IS SUMMER 2015! New styles and new trends! And of course, new picks! We have managed to find the most affordable yet comfy and the highest quality sandals for your summer. You don’t want your sandals to break while you are dancing on your festival. Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite!


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DIY Bralette Crop Tops – Summer Must Haves

diy bralette top

What is Summer without Crop Tops? Please don’t tell me you are going to be wearing jackets and jeans –don’t get me wrong though, if you feel comfortable on them, wear them. To me, summer is all about comfort. I personally hate sweating — unfortunately, I am a very sweaty person, and that’s why you will always find me around wearing shorts and crop tops. Because crop tops can get mainstream in some areas, why not go with bralettes? You can never go wrong with them wearing some sort of high waisted Continue Reading →

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Festival Season Style Guide: Our favorite Picks

Festival Season is finally here! Meaning, Coachella’s here too! We have created a guide with our favorite picks from very affordable shops mixing the boho and chic style where you can get inspiration from for your festival look. We are getting you to show off the best out of yourself and get ready to see turning heads. Before you jump into the slideshow, here’s a reminder: whether you are going to one of those huge music festivals or just planning to have an awesome weekend getaway, besides staying stylish, make sure to always pack enough to enjoy the most of your trip. Get into the slideshow right away to get some outfit ideas and happy shopping!


Have a blast!

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