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July Monthly Income Report

It has been a while since I became a blogger already. Ever since the people around me found out this part of me, the question about my income has never stopped. Every time I tell people what I do, the first thing that comes to their mind is: How much do bloggers earn? Do you guys earn a lot? They ask this question so carelessly but it means a lot to someone who truly loves this. Every time I hear this, I feel that my efforts are taken for granted and my passion is not even in the equation.

Here’s the truth: blogging itself doesn’t earn you anything. It is all about what you do with it. Do we earn a lot? It depends a lot too!

Despite my despise to this question and my usual unwillingness to reply, I have to admit that without this income I wouldn’t be able to keep blogging. Fashion and travel blogging IS expensive. Of course sponsorships do help but those don’t come whenever you want it unless you are The Blonde Salad. It has taken me a long time to be where I am today. People who want to start blogging about their passion to earn money, should understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme. However, do keep in mind: it is totally possible.

Why am I sharing this?

I want to be as transparent as possible to my readers. I have been thinking about it over and over again last month whether to do this or not because very few people share their personal incomes online. However, since this is a blog aiming to help and inspire people, I decided I would it.

Unlike other jobs, the income gained from blogging can be limitless. Truly limitless. It is such a lucrative business and you can do so much with it. All you have to do is get a little bit creative and hopefully the next posts on the “Entrepreneurship” section of the blog will all guide you through your journey.

Hopefully, this income report will help you figure out new things to try, if you already have a blog or inspire you, if you don’t.

*The income I am posting doesn’t come solely from the blog. It also includes the income across all my social media and freelance jobs related to the blog.

income from blogging

July 2016 Income Report:

Google Adsense: $3

Linqia*: $107

Shopstyle Collective: $70

Instagram Sponsorships: $80

Hostgator Referral Program: $50

Ebates*: $50

Fiverr: $250

Okayla Collection Sales: $378


Paypal Transaction Fees: $70

TNS Assistants: $140

Hostgator: $200

Listings with (*) means I get a commission if you sign up.

Net Profit: $578

Mind this is the net profit without the clothes expenses. However lucky me, I was traveling and clothes in China aren’t as expensive.

Big expenses this month.

Oh Hostgator, what you do to me! Part of me also wants to thank you for being able to keep this website up but those website fees, ugh! Besides, I have never hired assistants before. These two months have been crazy! So crazy I really wish someone can create something that duplicates ourselves. Even though I probably seemed super relaxed this June and July due to all my snaps (@kkwen), I tried to work as hard as I could before hitting school. With the new videos, the shop launch and some other projects yet to reveal, July got me mentally drained. I really hoped that for August it would get better but nop, it’s even worse now.

I launched Okayla Collection!

I launched my store of accessories and makeup! A real income booster. Due to my pre launch marketing system planned a while ago, I was able to sell out in just two days after the launch! And trust me it ain’t easy for a Instagram shop to sell out and neither it is when all of sudden it gets 107 direct messages in one day. I am still working on putting it online and have the worldwide shipping option available. Meanwhile, go check out the products 😉

Things to take from this post:

  • If you are already a blogger and haven’t joined some of the affiliate programs I mentioned, you should definitely check them out. Linqia is by far my favorite. Each month they send you new campaigns and pay you according to your audience reach.
  • It takes time to start earning money blogging. If you already own a blog, be patient and keep doing what you love and if you don’t, only do it if you have a passion writing about something. It can be very tedious and frustrating if you are just in for the bucks.
  • Affiliate links and sponsorships aren’t the only income streams. Try launching a product or a course. I recently launched my store, Okayla Collection.

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Any suggestions? Any questions? I’m all ears! Comment down below!


In Entrepreneurship

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