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Vivid Red Shorts

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Woah, never really thought I would find a way to wear these extremely bright red shorts. They have been buried somewhere really deep in my closet ever since last year. I always thought these red shorts were too bright to pair with any of my tops and it would also grab too much attention hence color and even worse when this beautiful bright Caribbean sun shines upon it.

I actually got them because I went to return a birthday gift I disliked a lot. The gift consisted of an extremely short and tight pink skirt which is definitely not me at all. Now that I look back, I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking when I picked these shorts up (probably because I lacked shorts in my closet). I am sure I regretted it the second after I got them. I swear I have been trying these red shorts with all my tops but none went well with it until I bought this top last December. It is funny to think that this top was also a huge mistake. Back in Orlando, I wanted to buy this top because of its cute and formal design in its front. I thought it would go pretty well tucked in maybe in jeans or just some black pants. So, I went to the fitting room, tried it on pretty fast (stupidly, didn’t check for anything as I was already too excited for it), and purchased it. When I got back to the hotel and tried it on again, never did it freaking occurred to me that it would have a freaking zipper by its side! When I tucked it into my jeans, I was so disappointed. The outfit didn’t look as I expected it to look like. I was planning to return it until I noticed I was leaving the next day.

Fast forward eight months, I decided I would have to start wearing it. Not only this piece, but new pieces that have been buried deep in my closet that I never knew how to wear. After a pretty long analysis of what to with them, I finally came up with this outfit. Suddenly, I found love in these pieces where once I thought were waste of money. So I guess things are never really a waste of money if you think deep enough and find a way to work around it.

About the outfit, I could have combined this top with blue shorts; however, it was going to be too much blue. So, I decided to combine it with these red shorts as the top also had red stripes. The stripes of the wedges helped by combining with the pattern of the top and its cork platform with the sun hat. To compliment the look I opted these round red sunglasses and the sun hat to chill out the look.

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karen wen travel

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I was wearing:

Top Tommy Hilfiger

Shorts Pull and Bear

Shoes Bershka

Sunglasses and Sun Hat Vintage Store

*Please don’t tell me I am the only one who has had failed purchases. Share your story!*

BTW, I have just created a TipsNStyle community at Google+ called “Tips N Style”. Go join us and share your beauty and fashion tips along other amateurs!

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