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Best Natural Homemade Exfoliators and Scrub Recipes!

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Whether you are a man or woman, you will always want to make sure your skin looks young, radiant and most importantly, soft all the time! And the best way to make that dream come true? It’s definitely exfoliating. Exfoliating helps you remove all dead cells in the surface of your skin leaving it

smooth and beautiful. The best exfoliators are the natural ones. So if you are having any breakouts or want to prevent them this will definitely help! Good News! I got three easy homemade scrub recipes you can easily make that will leave you feeling ah-mazing afterwards. Let’s get some ingredients we have in our kitchens and get ready to welcome your new beautiful skin.

1. The Honey and Sugar Scrub

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The honey and sugar scrub is one of the most well known exfoliators! All you have to do is take some sugar and add it to the honey. Make sure the scrub has the same amount of sugar as of honey. If it is for your face, a two teaspoon of each will be enough even though it won’t seem like it. You will feel so soft and clean afterwards!

2. The Olive oil and Sugar Scrub

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If you don’t have honey, olive oil is its best substitute. Just take a little of sugar and pour olive oil over it. Mix and you’re done. Olive oil will soften your skin while sugar will remove your dead cells. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

3. The Olive oil and Baking Soda Scrub

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Have you ever heard how baking soda along other ingredients can remove acne and if you use it to brush your teeth leave them beautifully white? Well, paired up with olive oil it can remove all dead skin, including scars and even acne! So now you know, if you have any breakouts don’t forget to mix olive oil and baking soda. Remember, same amount for both!

By the way, make sure you apply these scrubs massaging them onto the skin in circular movements!

Extra: If you have really oily skin, you may mix some lemon juice and salt. Lemon will wipe out the oil and salt the dead cells. Be careful though. Because lemon can dry out your skin, if you are feeling too much acidity or you see your skin is turning red, remove it right away and apply moisturiser!

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