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Ultimate DIY Christmas Gifts Guide Last Minute or Not

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Best part of Christmas besides the meetings and vacations? The GIFTS! Duh. A few days ago I showed you guys my ultime gift wrapping ideas (giving free tag templates away too) and after hitting the publish button I began wondering how will that be useful if my readers don’t know what to wrap over? So, here is when I share the best gifts you can easily DIY for your loved ones with things you probably already have at home. Don’t be discouraged after reading the “DIY” if you are not a crafty person, remember that gifts

are not about how expensive and perfect they look but what is the intention behind them. Knowing you did it yourself, whoever you are going to give this to will definitely appreciate the effort and time it took you. They will love it!

diy pinecone candle

1. Pinecone Fire Starter

This one is pretty unique special but make sure you know who is allergic to strong scents and who not. Grab a pinecone, melt a candle, insert the pinecone into the wax, let dry and your are all set!

Full and more detailed tutorial: Something Turquoise

diy holiday gifts

2. Cocoa and Marshmallow Jar

These jars are so cute that if I were the one receiving it I would feel bad opening them. Make sure you pour in the same amount of ingredients as you would use to prepare your hot cocoa. For the reindeer you will need a hot glue gun, kraft paper and a red pom pom to make the reindeer. For the inside hot coca mix, vanilla creamer, marshmallows and Hershey kisses (YUM!).

Full and more detailed tutorial: Design Dazzle

diy christmas gifts

And… this one is the grown up version of the above one.

best diy recipes

2. Peppermint Oreos

Oh, here’s my favorite one, why?, it’s got PEPPERMINT! Which is also one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much. You can bake the cookies your own or purchase the oreos (if you are purchasing it make sure to remove the cream). To make the peppermint cream, mix together butter, milk, vanilla and peppermint extract. Then slowly add sugar and beat until fluffy. To turn this into a unique gift, move them into a jar, add a coffee filter and add a ribbon to top it off.

Full and more detailed tutorial: IHeartNapTime


4. Pillow Gift

You won’t believe how simple this one really is. Purchase a plain colored pillow — I would suggest red or green for this season, and add a ribbon. To make it less visible simple, add some Christmas ornaments like snowflakes and you are good to go!

christmas inspired diy

5. Ho Ho Ho Jar

Get creative and craft your own card with your personal message (there’s really nothing sweeter than this). To take it to another level, grab a cute envelope and give out a gift card of your choice. Insert it into a mason jar and decorate the jar!

To achieve the decoration above visit: Studio Calico

diy chocolate gifts

6. M&M Jar

Please name me a person who doesn’t like M&Ms and I will be the first killer you hear talking about tomorrow (just kidding). Grab a mason jar and fill it with M&Ms or any chocolate or candy of your choice. If you are not using colorful candies I would suggest you top it off with a huge ribbon and a sophisticating tag to balance the jar’s look out (get the Tag’s Template for FREE). And last but not least, add your loved one’s name with vinyl paper into the jar!

personalised coasters

7. Personalized Coasters

This will definitely remind others about you very often. Use vinyl paper or tape and cut out your initial or design out. Then, apply craft paint, let it dry and remove the tape or paper. Make multiple and tie it with a ribbon into a bottle!

Check for a the more detailed tutorial: Martha Stewart

crafty gifts

8. Crafty Kit

Got a crafty friend? This would be perfect for them! Purchase a mini basket and fill it out with goodies such as colourful tapes, markers, scrapbook paper, thread etc. Make sure it’s colorful (no, I mean cute enough that will have your friend want to get started right away)!

cool keychains

9. Cork Key Chain

If I were the one getting this, I will never forget my keys ever again! Cute yet elegant. You might have to purchase some things but they are all pretty cheap.

View the Step by Step Video: Cork Key Chain

diy christmas gifts

10. Tic Tap Message

Argh, tic tacs! This one is a pretty personal one. All you need is scrapbook paper, a ribbon and a good message!

Full and more detailed tutorial: Wright Crafty

Guys, hope you found this thread helpful and stay tuned for more Christmas guides! Watch how am I preparing my gifts on my Snapchat @kkwen.

*Any other creative DIYs? Share them in the comments!*

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