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Baiyun Shan / White Clouds Mountain

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Baiyun Shan or in english, White Clouds Mountain, is located in one of the calmest neighborhood in Guangzhou which is also called Baiyun.

We took off to the site at 11:00am with the weather, luckily, not too sunny and ended up leaving at 5:00pm. Surely, we didn’t intend to spend so much time in there but time flied as we aimed to summit. 3 hours up and 3 more down. It is fun to see that as you walk, it feels like the trees in the sides of the hiking trail are going to give you a hug. The trail doesn’t get narrower though, but there are a lot of curves to make. They have very attractive spots for you to make a stop and take a breathe or simply appreciate the beauty of it.

Local Chinese usually go on Sundays, which is the most common day to have tea with your friends for breakfast, to have tea on their vast variety of restaurants. They range from vegetarian to Sichuan spicy cuisine. Otherwise, they have Chinese buns and hot Tofu flowers in the small snack spots. After that, they have a walk as they digest the food. Usually, only first time visitors aim to reach to the top. You don’t have to reach to the top to see the entire Guangzhou city.

In case you are too lazy to hike, you can take their tourist buses and enjoy the probably freshest air of the city to get to the top. Unfortunately, due to the smog one cannot see much and only a few buildings are seen. They block the rest behind them. Plus, you are not seeing it from the center of the city, it’s like an external view.

Beware of mosquitos in Baiyun Shan. Chinese mosquitos are more than hungry! Wear repellent! Otherwise you’ll leave with 42 mosquito bites (no exaggeration, I counted them twice and 7 of them were the size of a mini oreo). It happened to me and it can happen to you. It was raining and I decided to stop at a place to have some cover while the rain stopped and apparently I didn’t know how many mosquitoes came at me and bit me. I didn’t feel them in my legs probably because I thought they were water drops. Didn’t see any sign when I got home either.

Those bites started to itch me the day after and soon I noticed all the mosquito bites I had! It was horrible, I didn’t want to see my legs for days. Didn’t leave home for about 3 days until I bought some pairs of pants. It is already day 5 and even though they aren’t itchy anymore, I still got my leg all marked. People think I have don’t know what disease whenever they see me and can’t stop asking me questions about it. I can’t stress enough how annoying these people are. Not only regarding my legs (which they make really rude comments about) but seriously whenever you go to a shop they can’t leave you alone and focus. They will talk and talk until you are tired and buy to shut them up.


Entrance cost: 5 RMB

Tourist Buses: 10 RMB per stop (3 stops in total). You need to pay $30 RMB to get to the top.

baiyun bai yun shan guangzhou china white cloud mountain guangzhou china mountains in china guangzhou south crianza de abejas

This is the Bee’s World of Baiyun Shan! They have bakeries with tons of goodies made up of fresh honey. They also have many bee hives boxes.

bonsai china japan

Bonsai Garden here! They showcases really old bonsais which I think you can purchase.

lake in baiyun shan guangzhou

Not much to see and kind of dirty. They have those bicycle boats too.

chinese rock in mountain baiyun shan baiyun shan gold fishes many

You can buy a pack of fish snack for $5 RMB and feed these gold fishes. They will all fight for one seed.

green tea farm china

Tea Farm. This is probably be the smelliest area of them all. Really, wanted to breathe it all in haha.

baiyun shan sunflower field china sunflowers wallpaper

First time seeing sunflowers! Looked forward for eating their seeds.

baiyun shan guangzhou baiyun shan IMG_2623

Right when you get tired, you find a place where to relax. Along the Tofu flower which refreshens your whole body, we soaked our feet in this little lake and had a self spa walking over the rocks. Don’t worry you won’t look like a fool, we all do it.

tofu flower china guangzhou IMG_2632 IMG_2635

Thought I finally summited but no, we are just halfway there. Loving the scene!

city guangzhou from top

Alright this is it: Guangzhou City. Hiiii! Can’t spot the beautiful Zhujiang New Town and its skyscrappers though.

mountain summit china baiyun

I Was Wearing:

Puma Shorts

New Balance Sneakers

Stradivarius Bag

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