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LACMA, Los Angeles and Other Spring Trends

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Visiting LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum) was thought to be a must during my trip to LA. There’s really no place more photogenic than this and you guys know how obsessed I am with photogenic places; hence the reason I blog. After scoring a ‘sold out’ notice from The Broad Museum, LACMA seemed to be the next option. We arrived, boom, saw the lights, woohoo, got into the museum, bleh and that was it. Not to discredit many artist’s works but compared to online pictures from other museums, it surely seemed little to me. Probably the reason for my disappointment is the fact that this museum is so well portrayed throughout amazing pictures making it so superficially interesting in media until you are actually there. Still, I have to admit that I’m somehow grateful to have made it to LACMA for these lights (wouldn’t have taken these photos) and some really good burger trucks outside the museum. But if you’re a tourist and you have other options, I wouldn’t take this one. Besides, unless you have a car, be prepared to take tons of buses that will lead you to almost nowhere interesting nearby (well at least they do lead you to a metro station right?)

Alright, speaking about the outfit, I chose neutrals. Even though it wasn’t spring yet when I took these pictures, I had it in mind hence LA’s warmy weather. Spring has always been about pastel and vivid colors while leaving behind monochromatic ones. But what if you are someone who’s not confident enough to wear such colors? Throughout the years, I have learned that even though there are specific colors and trends for each season, fashion is more about feeling confident about yourself. Neutrals are never out of style neither are pastel colors. So as for the slightly warm weather of spring, feel free to throw in a bunch of different colors of jackets and summer items to mix and match. It’s definitely your season to give your style a makeover and no one can judge you for that.

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I was Wearing:

Zara Knitwear

Bershka Top

Charlotte Russe Jeans

Charlotte Russe Boots

Coach Bag

*Have you been to any place that was supposed to be really exciting but wasn’t? Share your story on the comments below!*

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