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How to Politely Ask to Split The Bill

on top of the world tumblr karen wen

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Square Cash but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Whether you are in a brunch, road trip or any hang out, we tend to have that friend that never has cash or spare changes with them. As of me, I am usually always the one to help them out. I barely leave the house without making my wallet a change machine. Seriously, I feel that spare changes are so important. Helping friends out a few times and with few amount of cash may be okay but things get serious when you are let’s Continue Reading →

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Palazzo Party

karen wen palazzo pants

“What a cool plaid skirt over there!” was what I thought when I first spotted this palazzo pant at a wholesale shop in Guangzhou. I didn’t know it was pant until I brought it home since wholesalers don’t let you try the pieces there. Well, I was more than happy to find that out! Surely this girl here is no material Continue Reading →

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Christmas 2016

beach resort boca chica

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Sorry for the late post, though. I did, however, wished you guys the best on my Instagram. It’s been a while since I celebrated Christmas at my hometown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. If you’ve been following me for a while, you would have noticed how I mostly travel during Christmas. Last year was spent in California and the previous one, Miami. Yesterday, was a day spent by the beach in a restaurant called El Pelicano Beach Club in Boca Chica. Love the food and the scenery it provides. Plus, this beautiful sunshine is priceless. Argh, it’s sad to think I won’t be able to do this as often when I move to Hong Kong for college! Sure there are a lot of beachfront restaurants too but the vibe is different. I’ll miss the people here.

#ILiveWhereYouVacation ☀️🌴

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beachfront restaurant best destination restaurants el pelicano boca chica beach club dominican republic beach resort boca chica el pelicano boca chica neptunos

Christmas by the beach ☀️ #DominicanRepublic #MerryChristmas

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Wearing: SheIn Romper

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The End

karen wen blogger fall look

December? I am so excited! For 2017, of course. At the end of every year, I would usually say “Wow, this one passed by too fast!” but for this 2016, those word won’t come out from my mouth. I can’t even force them. This year passed ridiculously slow. Maybe there were more cons than pros this time?
Not sure. Well point is, I am glad it is going to end soon.

As I always say, it’s sad that I am not able to wear huge fur coats no matter how much I love them due to where I live. The most wintery thing I can go for are booties and that’s more like fall. Continue Reading →

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17th Birthday

karen wen birthday

In a blink of an eye, I am just one year away from being legal. So far, I am thankful for what all these years of life have brought me. Not only do I feel lucky to have been born in such an amazing family but also being able to surround myself with friends that I truly love and appreciate. I would describe my 16th year as one Continue Reading →

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Dig Deep

fashion blogger karen wen

Today, I am finally done with the busy days of filling out college applications! Which also means new content. Amidst all the work and stuff, last week I was still able find time and shoot a few outfits. If you didn’t know, now you know: I don’t shoot every single day. I plan my outfits and have a day to shoot for one or more posts. So, usually the process goes like this: I go to my closet find the combos I Continue Reading →

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It’s time to Chill, Again.

juan dolio resort emotions karen wen

Seriously, the best perk of living in the Caribbean the ease to escape to a resort for a few days. No matter how chill you try to be in the city, it’s different when you are in a place with so much green and blue. I was invited to Emotions Resort in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. I needed this vacation so bad! It’s been a while since I slept 8 hours per day which is what I always try to do. These 3 days helped me recover 2 weeks of sleep. Not kidding. Continue Reading →

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Fall Fringes Babe

tipsnstyle karen wen

I love this top but truth is: I barely wore it (until recently). I only wore it if was hanging at any fashion event, special occasion or wearing it with a ponytail. It’s so annoying when people confuse the fringes with my hair! See, that’s the problem with me: I am very self conscious or at least, I used to. You could see me spending half an hour, if not a complete hour thinking whether I would be underdressed or overdressed; whether it was the right occasion or not. Continue Reading →

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Show Off Your Shoulder!

charlotte russe outfits karen wen

Summer is almost over, which means we are finally kissing good bye to sweaty days. Yay! Truth is, you can’t really tell the difference between summer and fall in the Caribbean besides the fact that it only gets windier. But still, you wouldn’t survive without shorts. Or rompers. Or off the shoulder tops. Or anything but jeans. Continue Reading →

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My Ultimate Summer Look

karen wen wearing forever 21

Growing up I never liked floral and lacy details due to the fact they are so itchy to me whenever I sweat; which means all the time. What else can I say? I live in the Caribbean and I have always been a pretty active girl. The choker I am wearing on this look? Until last month, it was my worst nightmare! I wear it now because I love being up to date with fashion trends. Maybe that’s the reason why I had such a tomboy style growing up. The cutest girl dresses usually had tons of lacy details. Continue Reading →

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July Monthly Income Report

It has been a while since I became a blogger already. Ever since the people around me found out this part of me, the question about my income has never stopped. Every time I tell people what I do, the first thing that comes to their mind is: How much do bloggers earn? Do you guys earn a lot? They ask this question so carelessly but it means a lot to someone who truly loves this. Every time I hear this, I feel that my efforts are taken for granted and my passion is not even in the equation.

Here’s the truth: blogging itself doesn’t earn you anything. It is all about what you do with it. Do we earn a lot? It depends a lot too!

Despite my despise to this question and my usual unwillingness to reply, I have to admit that without this income I wouldn’t be able to keep blogging. Fashion and travel blogging IS expensive. Of course sponsorships do help but those don’t come whenever you want it unless you are The Blonde Salad. It has taken me a long time to be where I am today. People who want to start blogging about their passion to earn money, should understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme. However, do keep in mind: it is totally possible.

Why am I sharing this?

I want to be as transparent as possible to my readers. I have been thinking about it over and over again last month whether to do this or not because very few people share their personal incomes online. However, since this is a blog aiming to help and inspire people, I decided I would it.

Unlike other jobs, the income gained from blogging can be limitless. Truly limitless. It is such a lucrative business and you can do so much with it. All you have to do is get a little bit creative and hopefully the next posts on the “Entrepreneurship” section of the blog will all guide you through your journey.

Hopefully, this income report will help you figure out new things to try, if you already have a blog or inspire you, if you don’t.

*The income I am posting doesn’t come solely from the blog. It also includes the income across all my social media and freelance jobs related to the blog.

income from blogging

July 2016 Income Report:

Google Adsense: $3

Linqia*: $107

Shopstyle Collective: $70

Instagram Sponsorships: $80

Hostgator Referral Program: $50

Ebates*: $50

Fiverr: $250

Okayla Collection Sales: $378


Paypal Transaction Fees: $70

TNS Assistants: $140

Hostgator: $200

Listings with (*) means I get a commission if you sign up.

Net Profit: $578

Mind this is the net profit without the clothes expenses. However lucky me, I was traveling and clothes in China aren’t as expensive.

Big expenses this month.

Oh Hostgator, what you do to me! Part of me also wants to thank you for being able to keep this website up but those website fees, ugh! Besides, I have never hired assistants before. These two months have been crazy! So crazy I really wish someone can create something that duplicates ourselves. Even though I probably seemed super relaxed this June and July due to all my snaps (@kkwen), I tried to work as hard as I could before hitting school. With the new videos, the shop launch and some other projects yet to reveal, July got me mentally drained. I really hoped that for August it would get better but nop, it’s even worse now.

I launched Okayla Collection!

I launched my store of accessories and makeup! A real income booster. Due to my pre launch marketing system planned a while ago, I was able to sell out in just two days after the launch! And trust me it ain’t easy for a Instagram shop to sell out and neither it is when all of sudden it gets 107 direct messages in one day. I am still working on putting it online and have the worldwide shipping option available. Meanwhile, go check out the products 😉

Things to take from this post:

  • If you are already a blogger and haven’t joined some of the affiliate programs I mentioned, you should definitely check them out. Linqia is by far my favorite. Each month they send you new campaigns and pay you according to your audience reach.
  • It takes time to start earning money blogging. If you already own a blog, be patient and keep doing what you love and if you don’t, only do it if you have a passion writing about something. It can be very tedious and frustrating if you are just in for the bucks.
  • Affiliate links and sponsorships aren’t the only income streams. Try launching a product or a course. I recently launched my store, Okayla Collection.

Get my monthly income from previous months! + Free workshops and worksheet!

* indicates required

Any suggestions? Any questions? I’m all ears! Comment down below!


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Hello, Guangzhou!

Last time I was in Guangzhou, was five years ago. It is amazing to see how much this city has changed and China overall. Honestly, besides the amount of people everywhere and the awful summer climate, there’s nothing else to complain about Guangzhou. See it yourself on the video!

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Wuxi: Chinese Pearl Dungeon

karen wen china wuxi

Around three hours of drive from Hangzhou, we arrived to Wuxi, the city of the Chines province Jiangsu. By this time, the non stop bus tours started to make me feel very tired of this entire trip. However, no matter how tired I was, I still looked forward for the next days to come. Travel is all about exploring and learning; opening your mind to new things. Which is definitely why I love it so much. Continue Reading →

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The Hangzhou Peacefulness

hangzhou china west lake touristic landmark

Right after we kissed goodbye to the Cheng Huang Miao in Shanghai, we headed directly to Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang Province. While strolling, you will find very cute Chinese styled houses just like those one see on tv as well as a small population.

Hangzhou women used to be called the prettiest women of China due to their average small height and soft voices. This place was not famous until a wave of poets visited the Hangzhou West Lake and started writing about this lake. For centuries, poets wrote about this lake for its beauty, peacefulness Continue Reading →

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A Guide to Shanghai

the bund shanghai wai tan travel

Hello, Shanghai!

Shanghai, a city full of sky scrappers and people at a horrible scale on a very concentrated area. After two hours of flight from the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel as fast as I could and hop on the bed for a nap. However, since it was our only free day in Shanghai, I had to make it worth. First Continue Reading →

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Baiyun Shan / White Clouds Mountain

hiking trail mountain

Baiyun Shan or in english, White Clouds Mountain, is located in one of the calmest neighborhood in Guangzhou which is also called Baiyun.

We took off to the site at 11:00am with the weather, luckily, not too sunny and ended up leaving at 5:00pm. Surely, we didn’t intend to spend so much time in there but time flied as we aimed to summit. 3 hours up and 3 more down. It is fun to see that as you walk, it feels like the trees in the sides of the hiking trail are going to give you a hug. The trail doesn’t get narrower though, but there Continue Reading →

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The Number One Go To Combo

karen wen blogger spring summer outfit

Unconsciously, I have been doing this for a while. It became conscious probably a few days ago when I was scrolling through my own outfit posts on IG. I am addicted to the red and blue combo. We see it everywhere, we are tired of it but you have to admit that when you were a child, you loved it. I personally hate seeing this red and blue combo elsewhere other than on outfits. I have never heard of someone saying “The blue color doesn’t suit me”. I mean, you liking it or not is a different thing. Have you ever seen someone wearing red and not look chic nor elegant? Please email me a photo, I must to see that. Plus, red is proven to be a color that is naturally attractive. Maybe the reason why lipsticks started with the color red?

In this outfit, I am wearing a top from Bershka which balances the look out by giving a tomboy touch, a short from Calvin Klein, a handbag from DKNY to match with the shorts and strappy heels from Bershka to finish off the look with a bit of neutrals. I am really in love with this DKNY handbag first because there’s nothing that can’t fit in there and it’s so simple yet elegant. Continue Reading →

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5 Must Have Fashion Items for Summer

Summer is not all about hot body and tanning. Beside all the waves, pool parties and stuff, there are still fashion trends to keep up to date with. I mean… to some of us, the beach is a far reach. What kind of tops? What kind of bracelets? Along all these info, learn the headlines by heart to grab and go with the confidence of being atop of everyone else. Continue Reading →

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San Rafael, Barahona, Dominican Republic

where to visit dominican republic barahona

I mean, it’s summer. I can’t deny I really miss the beach even though I am still on a trip in the beautiful city of Guangzhou. Here are photos of a recent trip to San Rafael, Barahona back in the Dominican Republic. Those waves are almost double the size of me and so strong that whatever you have on you, will surely come off. Unfortunately, it’s a really rocky beach and it may hurt your feet spending time there. Beside the Continue Reading →

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Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou: Ultimate Place to Eat and Shop.

china karen wen blogger guangzhou

First full day in Guangzhou, China! Definitely the most prosperous city of Southern China. I arrived last afternoon at 3:00pm and my butt literally hurt from the 16hrs flight from New York. Once I stepped, I suddenly felt a sense of belonging. I wasn’t born here but we are from the same race. This morning we visited my grandma and then took a long walk to the “tall buildings” area, which are most of them public Continue Reading →

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No Filter

on top of a mountain constanza dominican republic

As I am now passing by the beautiful Caribbean Sea en route to the airport, I am starting to feel nostalgic and probably considering changing life paths. For the last couple of years, you would constantly hear me say how I want to graduate as fast as possible so I can finally leave the country where I grew up in. I felt tired of living somewhere where the tallest building would only get to 50 floors high, tired of the fact that wherever Continue Reading →

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H&M Jumpsuit Comparison

fashion blogger diaries hm jumpsuit

There are so many times where we don’t even have glance at a price tag being somehow convinced that a piece is too expensive. Girl, you seriously don’t know how many discounts you have missed! Well, except in the case of Louis Vuitton. But still, it’s always good to look at the tag or ask for the price. Miracles do happen. As I was wandering through an H&M outlet store, I found this elegant jumpsuit at the $15 dollars Continue Reading →

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How to Embrace Your Body – Start Here!

fashion blogger beach karen wen

We are often told by the media that bellies are tad ugly. I am not used to go to places where I have to show off some skin with people other than my family because of one simply reason, I don’t like people seeing and criticizing my body. Growing up, people often told me how chubby and fat I was. As more judgements were received I slowly developed a new perspective for my body. Can’t deny it took me time but I did it when I started having thoughts of: Why do I have to starve to thin just because others say so? Isn’t staying healthy Continue Reading →

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karen wen fashion style

When it comes to personal style, mine changes every second. My tastes are so bipolar; sometimes I just feel like having a plaid shirt wrapped around a casual outfit while there are times where I can literally spend hours on the closet trying on all the possible combinations until finally getting to the perfect one. Perhaps, that can explain why I am always shopping: to satisfy my extremely temporal style ideals. As you can see, Continue Reading →

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Plaid Shirt: A Different Way To Style

spring summer fashion

As many of you know, I’m all about versatility. Plaid shirts are no exception and in fact, to me, they are my number one piece in my closet. Dresses, shorts, jeans… are all possible ways to style the plaid shirt with. You can either tie the shirt around your waist or wear it as an outwear with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows (as maximum). Kick asses by playing chic wearing heels or keeping it casual with any flats or sneakers. Continue Reading →

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Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk Worth It?

grand canyon west vs south

A bitter cold and huge fog marked the day when we finally paid a visit to The Grand Canyon West. Initially, we wanted to visit the South Rim as most of the reviews favoured it, however, due to the long driving hours it was going to take us from Las Vegas, we leaved it for another time.

First off, just the fact that it is a canyon, already makes it awesome for me. I’ve been wishing to see something like this so long ago. So much history was involved in this. Fortunately, we had the chance to Continue Reading →

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LACMA, Los Angeles and Other Spring Trends

fashion blogger outfits

Visiting LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum) was thought to be a must during my trip to LA. There’s really no place more photogenic than this and you guys know how obsessed I am with photogenic places; hence the reason I blog. After scoring a ‘sold out’ notice from The Broad Museum, LACMA seemed to be the next option. We arrived, boom, saw the lights, woohoo, got into the museum, bleh and that was it. Not to Continue Reading →

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Spring Break: 10 Must Haves To Take On Your Vacation

must haves spring break

Whether you are going to the mountains or to the beach, there are always going to be a few essentials your must pack to make the best out of your Spring Break trip. You don’t want to say “Oh, I forgot my sunscreen” in the middle of the road. To make your packing experience easier without having to overpack, you must think about the versatility of your choices. Does this short combine with these two shirts? Or is it only with this one? Think about how many times you can use something up without Continue Reading →

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How to Survive A Day In Heels

how to wear heels

Whether I am just touristing, meeting up with someone or just taking a breathe outside, heels are always present on my outfits (and if not, then 93% of the times are) — I don’t get to wear them 12 hours a day but I do, most of the times 3-5 hrs a day since I’m always at meetings after I get back from school. When we think of heels, most of the times we associate them with stilettos and a few months before, I really couldn’t imagine myself walking a full day in Steve Madden stilettos. I would start to walk like a zombie in just a few minutes. But no, heels are also wedges, mid heels, platforms and so on. I have to Continue Reading →

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Trends: Mixing and Matching


When you mix and match different colors and trends, don’t you always wish they come out as desirable as you picture them to be? That relieve, that satisfaction when they do; I can’t be the only one. 50% of these outfit was bought online during Black Friday which arrived two weeks later and fall was already gone. This was my original “ideal” outfit for fall as front button skirts were such a trend. And when trends come, it’s hard to tell when they are going to be gone –which is also why you’ll never find me purchasing more than two pieces of the same style. I guess lucky us (suede, front button skirts lovers), the trend hasn’t been gone and it seems to be that it is here to stay (woohoo!). Continue Reading →

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas – Your Ultimate Guide

valentines day pinterest

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This year’s Valentine’s Day I want you to evoke your best self whether you have a date or not. You just never know when you are going to stumble across Mr. Perfect on the street right? Let’s celebrate this special day by wearing colors such as red, pink and white. If skirts and dresses sound too cheesy for you, try pants and add small accents of the previously mentioned colors on your outfit. Below are just a few ways to style your pieces that will still your heart. And soon you will see that Valentine’s day is not only for the girly ones. Continue Reading →

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Downtown Las Vegas | Fremont Street Experience

freemont street las vegas

Las Vegas: Check. Off from my bucket list. Upon arriving to Las Vegas after the eternal eight hours that took us from LA , I immediately felt the dryness of the place. The sun was still up, shining beautifully upon us. It wasn’t there for long enough though. We arrived to our hotel around 4:30pm and when we finally got into our room, I looked out: boom, I noticed it looked like a 10:30pm in Los Angeles at Continue Reading →

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Primm, Nevada – Route 66

look of the day barstow

On our road to Las Vegas from Los Angeles almost immediately after the long day in Santa Monica we couldn’t help but make a few stops. Man, it was a long ride! Before heading to Las Vegas, I swear I googled the drive time again and again and the counter kept showing me it was only going to take 4 and a half hours from LA to Las Vegas. So as usual, I picked some snacks from the dollar store I told you guys about that was near our hotel in LA and really thought I was ready. I should’ve definitely picked more.

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Santa Monica Trip Diary – Days in California

santa monica california trip

Hey guys! As many of you might have already seen on my social media accounts, I have been enjoying my longest trip to the States to date last Christmas (writing “last christmas” sounds like it was so long ago but no, I mean Christmas 2015). We, me and my parents, arrived to LA the 19th of December at 11pm and arrived to the hotel by 1:00am of the 20th. We decided to take a 8 day tour to most of the places in California and Nevada before having 7 more days by ourselves in LA since it would’ve been very exhausting if we did it the other way around.

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Christmas Gift Guide – for the Lazy ones!

Christmas is around the corner guys! Two more more days to unwrap gifts, YAY! As many of you guys know I personally don’t celebrate it in the sense of I don’t do any feast, pray or anything like that. I do get to receive and give out gifts though. So I guess I have my own version of Christmas? Back to gifts, last week I showed you guys A gift guide with gifts you can easily DIY and today I’ll be showing you another gift guide which is a little different in case you don’t have enough time or just don’t feel like getting crafty or… you are just being too lazy. Below I have picked my favorite affordable gifts for HER and for HIM that will definitely make her/him remember you forever (I know I would wink wink). Scroll down to find some fresh inspiration in this ultimate Christmas gift guide!



Hopefully by now you already know what to give to your loved ones this Christmas! Just one more thing, please don’t forget to wrap them amazingly beautiful because as much as we want to deny it, appearance DOES matter. Aaaaand I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Did you notice the snow flakes in our homepage? (Christmas vibes huh?) Alright enough rambling, I’m off to dinner in beautiful Las Vegas! Tomorrow I’ll be headed back LA and soon off to San Francisco, Santa Barbara… (pretty long trip, I know… My snapchat followers are loving it! Come along and enjoy this trip with our small Snapchat family! @kkwen

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Ultimate DIY Christmas Gifts Guide Last Minute or Not

best gift ideas holidays

Best part of Christmas besides the meetings and vacations? The GIFTS! Duh. A few days ago I showed you guys my ultime gift wrapping ideas (giving free tag templates away too) and after hitting the publish button I began wondering how will that be useful if my readers don’t know what to wrap over? So, here is when I share the best gifts you can easily DIY for your loved ones with things you probably already have at home. Don’t be discouraged after reading the “DIY” if you are not a crafty person, remember that gifts

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Black Friday – How to Save Even More – Top Picks

First of all, let me wish everyone: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Pre- Black Friday ! Time to give thanks to all those who have been there for you. Luckily, even though my family don’t celebrate it, I still get to eat a lot today (yes, food always come first).

I think that by the end of November it’s not Thanksgiving that makes me and my family feel most excited (yes but no) but the deals on Black Friday! You really get to save tons! So lucky it’s just a few days before my birthday (November 30). Because of this, yes, I do get spoiled with gifts sent by me to myself (and yeah some from my family and friends).
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A bit of Leather – OOTD

fashion style

There are always a few pieces in your closet that aren’t used that often because you can’t think of any other ways to wear them aside from a common jean. Trust me, you are not alone. It might be frustrating sometimes as you will think it is a waste. Throughout time I have learned that the more you stare at something, the more ideas come through your head involving that thing. I bought this top without knowing

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Top Things to Do in Samaná, Dominican Republic + Vista Mare

travel blogger

Lately if you have been following me on Snapchat (@kkwen) you know I have been very busy road tripping. Our family just felt this sudden urge to explore and get to know better the country we are living at. It is tiring but nothing is better than to learn and appreciate new corners of the world. Upon arriving to this beautiful place in Samaná, Dominican Republic called Vista Mare, I was definitely blown away by this view! The white houses reminded of a little Greece. Coincidentally,

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What to Wear for Fall – Colors, Trends and More

fashion blogger looks

Transitioning your wardrobe seasonally can be frustrating and sometimes even expensive. I personally don’t update my closet four times a year but only twice as I live in the Caribbean. I mix up Spring and Summer trends and Fall and Winter trends. Because it is time to change up, before you do so, keep in mind that it is not about the items you purchase but how you put them together.

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How to Fix your Shoes – DIY Repair your Shoes

shoe problems and solutions
Start by picturing this: Tak tak tak, you start to hear a noisier step on one of your platforms than the other while you are shopping. You don’t know what’s happening and ignore it until someone takes a picture of you in such pose where one of your foot is semi lifted up. You check your picture and notice something; your platform is detached from the shoe sole. So, you freak out and have no idea what to do because you are so embarrassed to even think. What would you do? How would you react? You would probably buy another pair of shoes in the mall and change them right away. If it was a good one, you would probably sadly waving good-byes to them. Luckily I didn’t have to, thanks to some amazing sticky candies.
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A weekend in a Ranch – Day Three – New Friends, Experience, +

ranch life karen

Day 3, our last day! So many memories were made that I didn’t want to leave. I had the chance to make n amazing new friends, try amazing new things, and explore amazing places. Usually, I am not this type of person who likes living together with people other than my family (sometimes I even rather to be alone) but this experience has definitely changed my view towards this. I didn’t like it so much as I like having my own freedom while doing my things. I tend to get this weird pressure of doing things out of my daily routine whenever I am around a big group of friends. Continue Reading →

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A Weekend in a Ranch – Day Two – Kayak, Zipline and More+

horses ranch

Day two, our best day yet…and not. I woke up pretty early, probably around 6AM; had a look out at the window and appreciated quietly the serene scenery while others were still asleep. After a while of appreciation and coziness, I finally decided to descend from the torturous bunk bed’s stairs and get ready for the day ahead. Because we were going to kayak that day, I decided to wear my bikini under my outfit. Fortunately, the swimwear is pretty versatile so I could wear them without the straps. The next

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A Ranch for a Weekend – Day 1

riding a horse

Last week, I finally paid a visit to Rancho Don Rey, a ranch located in Sabana de la Mar, Dominican Republic. Somewhere our school have been tries to convince its students every year to visit. It never really interested me until this year; probably because I feared insects too much and I felt I was too young. I still fear them though, but I guess the older you get, the more you want to challenge yourself and live new experiences. Luckily, none showed up but little frogs, nothing to die about. During this weekend, I had a chance to fully reconnect with nature (I tried, even though it sounds kind of ironic as I never leaved my phone out of my hands). Now that I really think about it, I’ve never been so surrounded by such a pure scenery.

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Faux Leather Fringes and Boyfriend Jeans

fashion blogger style

I have always wanted to pull off a thick sweater while drinking some kind of coffee at home while also, watching Netflix and feeling the coziness. I can; only if I have the AC turned on to its lowest. And sometimes, not even like that; definitely a disadvantage of living in the Caribbean. I could (and actually should) forget about wearing leather pieces, jackets, and boots as they aren’t common in fall because literally, it is summer year round. However because most of the shops are international brands, they

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Tips for a day in a Theme Park + Disney Inspired Outfits

theme parks orlando

When it comes to theme parks, the first things that come through our minds are Disney, Mickey and all the other related characters. They were all part of our childhood/adulthood; you’d probably be lying if you say no. This is part of the many reasons why you should visit Disneyland or Disney World at least once in your life. And because of this, you don’t want to be wearing your casual go-to outfit. The day you are visiting is supposed to be a special day; a memorable one (ha, hence the $100+ bucks). Instead, try wearing something related or something that will remind you about your trip to Disneyland or Disney World afterwards. Continue Reading →

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Vivid Red Shorts

karen wen blogger

Woah, never really thought I would find a way to wear these extremely bright red shorts. They have been buried somewhere really deep in my closet ever since last year. I always thought these red shorts were too bright to pair with any of my tops and it would also grab too much attention hence color and even worse when this beautiful bright Caribbean sun shines upon it.

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How to Gain Instagram Followers FAST as a Blogger!

how to gain instagram followers fast

Chances are you are reading this post because you have an Instagram account you feel like you don’t have enough followers for your amazing, time consuming feed. You spend most of your time trying to take a picture with the perfect angle but still, when you refresh your notifications tab, not many notifications pop up saying you just gained a new follower. So, what do you do? Feel disappointed and unmotivated to keep uploading awesomeness (?). Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Every famous Instagram account started with 0 followers (of course, unless you cheat and buy yourself 10k of followers). And being honest, it takes LOADS of time and effort to gain a good amount of followers and likes for every picture.

Lucky you, you have just stumbled the right place to learn some tips and tricks to boost gain Instagram followers as fast as possible whether you are a blogger or someone who just wants to increase your influence. With these simple tricks, I was able to gain 4k followers in three weeks and I didn’t even have to pay a penny for them. You won’t believe how powerful these methods really are until you actually start using them. Continue Reading →

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The High Low Dresses Trend

fashion blog

“Ahhhhhh I’m finally here!” is the usual feeling I get whenever I arrive to the beach. Around two weeks ago I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic staying at the Bavaro Princess Resort. I had this urge of going to the beach the whole summer and was finally able to satisfy my self with this trip.

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Wearing Dress Shirts The Chill Way


Who said dress shirts can only be worn formally? Let’s rephrase, not formally but certainly not in the chill way. As I was packing for a trip to the Bavaro Princess Resort in Punta Cana, I stumbled across this very practical sleeveless dress shirt. I thought besides wearing it with a skirt, let’s give a shot wearing it with some sort of comfy pants aside from jeans. Not sure about you but I definitely wouldn’t be wearing jeans on any of my outfits while in a resort; where I am supposed to be chilling. Plus I wouldn’t be able to stand it with this awfully hot weather. Surely not an awful

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Foods that will make you Happy! (No, the Happiest Person Alive!)

how to be happy instantly

There are times where we find ourselves reading articles about “How to be Happy”, “What Habits do Happy People Have”, “Secrets that Lead you to a Happy Life” and a lot of these stuffs. When you are looking for this, chances are you are not in mood of haha-ing or maybe you just feeling very… bleh. You don’t want to read about long term commitments –we all know some of them, but about instant things you can do to boost your mood up. What is it? Eating. Food? Yes, food! What we all love! Your mood can definitely be boosted by eating the right healthy food. How does that work? It is all about the brain. When you eat to keep your brain healthy, you become happy. Luckily, we have found some foods that

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Polka Dots Perfection III – Long Sleeves Top


Peeps, I am sure that many of you are wondering why the heck am I wearing long sleeves in summer and even worst, in the Caribbean where this hot climate literally knocks off. Luckily, this long sleeve top is made out of cotton which makes it very comfortable and fashionable to wear on every season. Long sleeves top does not equals hot. It really depends on how you style them. Today’s outfit is the third way I am

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DIY Minions Lip Balm!

minions kevin

Lip Balms are essentials for your lips. EOS, noyah Natural, Avène, Dior and Neutrogena are among my favorite brands of very affordable lip balms leaving your lips as soft as cotton. Plus, many of these brands offer lip balms with SPF! With the Minions fever lately, everyone wants Minions everywhere! Have you seen the Minions bed? Crazy right?! So now, why not on your lip balm too? Something you use Continue Reading →

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SUMMER MUST HAVES: Comfy Sandals 2015

Last year, I posted about how important owning comfy sandals is. And even though those facts are still intact, the selection of our favorite sandals are not anymore. THIS IS SUMMER 2015! New styles and new trends! And of course, new picks! We have managed to find the most affordable yet comfy and the highest quality sandals for your summer. You don’t want your sandals to break while you are dancing on your festival. Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite!


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Polka Dots Perfection II – Long Sleeves

fashion lookbook

Owning a least one long sleeve blouse is definitely a must in your wardrobe whether is has some kind of pattern or plain color. They can really go with anything –even they can get a little expensive sometimes depending of the fabric. Therefore, your bottom, shoes and accessories choices must be similar enough to give the outfit a defined style. As many of you might have already noticed, this is not the first time I wear

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DIY Bralette Crop Tops – Summer Must Haves

diy bralette top

What is Summer without Crop Tops? Please don’t tell me you are going to be wearing jackets and jeans –don’t get me wrong though, if you feel comfortable on them, wear them. To me, summer is all about comfort. I personally hate sweating — unfortunately, I am a very sweaty person, and that’s why you will always find me around wearing shorts and crop tops. Because crop tops can get mainstream in some areas, why not go with bralettes? You can never go wrong with them wearing some sort of high waisted Continue Reading →

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5 Detox Water Recipes That You Will Want To Keep Drinking Every Second

diy detox water

Who said water is boring? Whoever said that will regret it after reading and trying today’s detox water recipes out. Whether you want to slim down or look younger, stronger, and healthier, water is the key. Everything in life starts getting better after removing all the toxic entities around us. The same happens with your body. How do I get rid of these toxins? By drinking 6-8 cups of water per day or simply

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Nostalgic Fringe


Every time I wear this fringe shorts it reminds me of my last trip to seven different island on a cruise in the Caribbean. Not only this, the shirt I am wearing on today’s outfit was bought on one of my favorite islands called Guadaloupe ultimately making this entire look remind me about that trip. Favorite, first

because its people speaks French –also the birthplace of one of my French professors and second Continue Reading →

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go Backless

outfit of the day

Despite my huge all-time obsession with backless tops and dresses, I didn’t usually wear them unless I was going to some special event. Maybe because I used to fear drawing too much attention. However, lately, I am so in love with them that I don’t fear wearing them to wherever I am going. (I do have a story of how this transition happened, but that’s another post). These tops can be worn casually or especially and they definitely give the outfit a touch of chic + sexiness. To not go all blue, in this outfit, Continue Reading →

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Plain White

fashion bloggers

It has been quite a long time since the last time I wore these heels. I find it quite hard to match cork platforms shoes with any outfit. However, I have finally found the perfect blouse that goes with these wedges when I bought it last week! Thanks to the denim shorts the look Continue Reading →

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Pointy on Point


Besides my love to crop-tops and snake textured pants, I also adore pointy shoes. Not the ones as pointy as the ones that look like they could hurt somebody but the ones that are a little roundish. I would call them pointy on point. Because I got huge feet, I don’t usually wear Paris Hilton-like pointy kind of shoes. It makes them look even larger even though as always, they help the outfit look way classier. I envy people who own average size feet. It is

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Gray on top of Denim

forever 21

Lately, I’ve gotten an obsession with high waisted denim shorts. They look awesome with any kind of top. I personally, always wear them with crop-tops. I really love denim shorts with broken holes like the one I am wearing here. Especially when you balance them up with any sort of heels or sneakers. Moving on to the

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The Flattering Skirt


The type of skirt I am wearing here — high waisted flared skirt or skater skirt — is the kind that I would always pair up with crop-tops or any blouse that would look good when it’s tucked in. In this outfit of the day, the top gives a touch of tomboy style while the skirt and the sunglasses a

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HOW TO- look Thinner in Clothes FAST & EASY

sexy model

Many people find themselves trapped in a moment where they are way too self-conscious with their own body image. The main reason of this is how the media have shaped that mentality — you should be skinny to be beautiful—. Many of this people even feel insecure to hang out with their friends because they are afraid of being judged. Since there is no one-day diet that could make you lose all the weight you want, luckily, there are some fashion tricks that can help you look skinnier. Basically, what these techniques do is to create an illusion forcing them to look from up to down rather than side-to-side. This reduces the broadness someone sees, and at the same time making you look skinnier.
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Festival Season Style Guide: Our favorite Picks

Festival Season is finally here! Meaning, Coachella’s here too! We have created a guide with our favorite picks from very affordable shops mixing the boho and chic style where you can get inspiration from for your festival look. We are getting you to show off the best out of yourself and get ready to see turning heads. Before you jump into the slideshow, here’s a reminder: whether you are going to one of those huge music festivals or just planning to have an awesome weekend getaway, besides staying stylish, make sure to always pack enough to enjoy the most of your trip. Get into the slideshow right away to get some outfit ideas and happy shopping!


Have a blast!

Much love, Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.51.24 PM

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Looking Back: 2014

It’s been a year already?! I still remember myself posting my looking back post of 2013 in Tumblr.

So many amazing things happened thanks to all of you! I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who joined me in this journey over the past 12 months. I can’t really choose my favorite moment, all of them were.

Here, I am going to share with your guys some of my 2014 highlights:

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.51.15 PM


Okay, first things first, I uploaded my first ever makeup and outfit video in Youtube. This is a selfie at the pre-shoot if that’s how you call it. 🙂 Continue Reading →

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Rocking stripes

cool shorts

A year passes in a blink of an eye! I still can’t believe I’m already 15! It’s a tradition here in the Dominican Republic to make a huge party for your 15s. I decided to have a small dinner with some really close friends and after I post this, with my family. Continue Reading →

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Smoothies: Top 3 Smoothies

Some of us are overweighted, while some of us just want to build a healthier life.
Smoothies are part of that healthy lifestyle. Water all day is just boring even though we should never forget that water is basically what holds life. Here are five different super easy smoothies recipes you may incorporate to your daily life, giving you the boost you need at anytime.

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

Photo Credits to: Foodviva

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Thinking about …

Thinking about suicidal is of Human Nature

Being mad of not having what you want is of human nature. Thinking of suicidal when things aren’t going in your way is of human nature.

I’m 100% sure that everyone have experienced the time where they think about suicidal for one reason or another. Most of the times, at teenage years. Where we are all rebels and just hate or don’t understand why our parents are doing the things they are doing. Maybe we know it’s all for good, but can’t bear the insults and offences they throw to us making us feel inferior and sometimes, even nothing.

When you are mad and someone’s encouraging you to die, just think to yourself “Who are them to be telling you that?” “How are they better than me?” “It’s my life, I’m the queen of it.” And keep looking forward. Put your chin up, otherwise the crown will fall.

Best Wishes for y’all

Karen Wen

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I Dare YOU!

Look, I’m starting my daily workout. It’s a real challenge for me because I’m way too lazy for workouts. If you want a fit or sexy body join me! We are all in this together! I dare you to make this a routine. It only takes 21 days to make something a routine! Our goal here is not only Achieving our body but a super mega healthy body.

Promise to:
1. Do at least 20 mins of workout daily. Pilates if you want.

  1. After one week of 20 mins, increase it to 30 mins.

  2. After two weeks of 30 mins increase it to one hour.

  3. Keep in mind that that’s good for your health.

  4. I understand how much it will hurt at first; that’s why in the first two weeks you may go slower.

  5. Eat fruits for at least one meal a day.

  6. Only drink one cup of soda drinks.
    You may drink as much juice as you want without sugar. Natural always tastes better!

  7. Drink 64 ounces of water a day. This means 2 liters a day.

  8. You may break the workouts into parts. 10 mins, 2 hrs rest, 15 mins, etc.

  9. And most importantly: Never give up. Keep in mind your goals. Once you achieve your body everyone will admire you!

Never break your promises. If you do break this one, shame of you! Remember it’s for your own good!

Choose an super active song like Work Bitch by Britney Spears! It’s my favorite one to listen.

You may find workouts in youtube or just purchase a random one. Workouts are workouts! If not, just run, do jumping jacks, planks and CRUNCHES. Crunches are hard but when you get used to it, they are fun to do!

You may also get workouts from fitness blender in youtube for free!

Best wishes for y’all
Xoxo, Karen Wen

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Hey girls!
Here I’m showing you girls 3 simple everyday hairstyles you may wear to you office, school, or even just for the park! They are really simple to do. Less than 3 mins! I’m soon going to be posting the super natural make up look I used for this video and my in-video OOTD!

Stay tuned!

AND Don’t forget to comment in the video, which one was your favourite!

Check out my channel for more vids!. Channel: Karen Wen

Best Wishes for y’all
xoxo, Karen Wen

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Rocking a Cut-Out Dress

Since it’s throwback thursday, I’m here showing you guys a dress I got for Christmas 2013 and used for the 1rst of January of this year.

Cut-out dresses are such a trend that everyone should try.

DSC00916beautiful dresses


tendy outfit

beautiful dress

I’m here wearing a Forever 21’s cut-out dress and my smile! Oh! Aldo’s bag and Marypaz’s heels. The heels match perfectly with the back of my dress. So things can pair up perfectly, find patterns in your outfit!

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Best Ways to Treat Acne

Hey Peeeps!
It’s me Karen Wen!


Here I’m showing you guys some ways I came up with from my personal experiences to treat acne/pimples. Lately, I’ve had so many pimples. It’s something that I find gross in me, even though that’s not what I think when I see someone with that. Pimples are completely normal. But because I barely have and even if I have, they’re small, I find them weird in me.
For this, you don’t necessarily have to know the cause of your acne. This tips work very well on every type. The usually last 10-15 mins. The longer the better and faster.
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