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Angry Birds and NASA

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Remember I was in Orlando last Christmas (2014)? I can’t believe it’s already February! Where does time goes? The day after Christmas Day we visited the Kennedy Space Centre.
Of course it’s a must when you are in Orlando, especially if you are a huge fan of science like me! Instead of writing two paragraphs of my experience, let me break it down for you.

What I liked the most: “Angry birds Space” room even though I didn’t get to launch because it was too crowded, I got to play some other really cool games. AND I loved a theatre were there was a room simulating the control room when they were launching one of the most famous shuttles. You could feel an awesome shake produced by the noise of the shuttle.

What I didn’t get to do: Go into the ” Space Shuttle LaunchExperience”. How unfortunate.

Space Ice Cream experience: 4 words: too weird, awesome (never tried it before), disgusting, too cookie-ish. It was tasty but I still ended up throwing it away.

moon pieces

Moon Rock

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Karen Wearing:

Pull and Bear sweater

Stradivarius Jeans

Puma Shoes

Karen Mom’s Wearing:

Liz Claiborne sweater

Bloomingdale’s outwear

Mango bottom

New Balance Shoes



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