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Road to Success: Ambition

lion wallpaper

As many of you know, I am a true lion lover even when knowing I might never get to touch one. Lately, or specifically since long time ago I’ve always been looking for new lion pictures in Google Images in order to make them as my phone’s wallpaper. Many ask Why a Lion? Why you love posting this animal so much or even making it as a profile picture on most social networks? The only answer that I can only ever think of is: The picture is powerful.

Normally, people tend to associate lions with strength, courage, and power. I tend to want to be like them. They stand up whenever they fall. Lions never show how scared they are no matter how afraid they truly are. Lions stand tall and transmit authority. No one tries or ever understand them because they don’t need others to do so. They follow their hearts. And I believe that’s the key to success.

Over the years, I have learned that no matter how you do it, as long as you follow your heart, you will succeed in whatever you are trying to do. Others might say you did nothing but your success is different from others. It was something you wanted. Something where you invested time and effort in while willing to endure the struggle. We all have different definition of success, happiness and love. And that, don’t ever let anyone change it for you.

One thing I almost missed, lions are ambitious. Don’t confuse ambition with thirst. You are thirsty when you want something to gain other’s attention. When you are looking for success, attention is not your first thing in mind. The first thing in your mind would be getting your thing done. When you are ambitious you don’t look for attention, attention looks for you. You are ambitious when you dream BIG. You don’t have to be rocking a Ferrari like celebrities in order to make the world know you achieved it. It won’t make you less successful or more admirable. The fact that they are famous doesn’t mean others will ignore you. You have your real friends and families that respect you. And being respected by your true loved ones is definitely more than being known by people you have never met. As long as you know you did it right, you shouldn’t care what others think about it. Let silence and your own success roar. Amaze others by slowing them down.

As long as you are ambitious and not thirsty, you are almost there. Those with ambition are the ones who tend to achieve their goals faster. They have a clearer view of what they want and why they want it. Nevertheless, ambition is not what’s going to take you to success, it is only the path. What is truly going to take you to success, is persistence; no matter how dark is the road.

What are your thought about human ambition? Have you seen people who have failed because they confused ambition and thirst?

Most importantly: What does success means to you?




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