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5 Must Have Fashion Items for Summer

Summer is not all about hot body and tanning. Beside all the waves, pool parties and stuff, there are still fashion trends to keep up to date with. I mean… to some of us, the beach is a far reach. What kind of tops? What kind of bracelets? Along all these info, learn the headlines by heart to grab and go with the confidence of being atop of everyone else.

Show it off!

Off the shoulder pieces are definitely and will always be on top of my must have list. I have been so obsessed with them lately! Besides, these pieces can save you from the hot summer climate. It doesn’t have to be the usual OTF that bares your neckline, it can be the ones that only bare your shoulders. Plus, it’s not only me that has been saying they are trendy, grab a Vogue magazine and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Lits: everyone!


Wear Less, Say More

We usually hear people say, less is more. And when we talk in the fashion language it means that less is more elegance and glamour. As for summer, one or two minimal bracelets or a simple one pendant necklace can be enough. You will want to keep it simple as the weather definitely won’t help and it can be tricky to have them while you are on your adventures.

Bracelets with charms can be a great option as summer is all about being who you are and expressing yourself. And instead of having five bracelets, a bracelet with five charms will be just enough to spice up your summer look. This week, I was gifted my first Pandora leather bracelet (Pandora’s Summer Collection 2016) from REEDS Jewellers and I haven’t taken it off ever since. It’s a vice that once I like something, I wear ’til it breaks (or in this case, ’til they launch something else ‘cuz I don’t think these charms will ever break). To not over do it, that’s the only thing that I wear beside my newest Swarovski acquisition which many of you have seen on my socials.

pandora reeds jewelers event sale




One more thing that’s too good not to share and you can’t miss: REEDS Jewellers are having an amazing promotion! It consists of one FREE Leather Bracelet with your $100 PANDORA purchase with upgrades available on all bracelet styles. Basically, a two for one offer.

Comfy yet Cute

Wether it’s slip ons, espadrilles or sneakers, they are all apt for any summer day. Make sure they are comfy enough for a long day walk. You don’t want blisters on your feet at the end of the day (something that has been happening to me lately –sigh). Options can range from solid colors to fun graphic designs.


Something like Jeans but Not

With this, I mean denim overalls. Put them over a simple white tee and you are good to go. If a graphic tee is what you are wearing, unbutton one side of the straps and show it off. Some people find having one side hanging uncomfortable but that’s what a fashionista would do (I’m not asking you to take it to your physically active adventures though).


In Summer, We Say Hi to Fruits

OTS or not, floral and fruit pieces are what make summer so vivid. Pineapples, watermelons, oranges and florals dominate most summer prints. Remember to never pair prints with prints. Always prints with solids. Otherwise, that attention you want, won’t be yours.

Did I miss out something? Tell me what’s YOUR Summer Must-Have Fashion Piece in the comments below!


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