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10 DIY Beauty Hacks all women should know

makeup tricks

Some of us struggle everyday with makeup due to the little time we have in the morning. We tend to rush and end up leaving without achieving the perfect look we want.

Here, are my top 10 genius beauty hacks every women should know. Time saving and effectively effective beauty tricks.

  1. So you find some dry shampoos expensive right? Here’s the solution! DIY your own dry shampoo!

dry shampoo


  1. Get the perfect cupid bow lip now with your lip liner! Just one lip liner!

how to get a cupid lip



  1. For polka dots lovers out there! Take a band-aid from your nearest drugstore and do this! Super cute nail art!
    cute nail arts



  1. Need an liquid eyeliner NOW and don’t have time to go buy it? Take a flame and hold your pencil eyeliner under it for just 1-2 seconds! There you have your gel liner! Not complete liquid, for looks as it was liquid eyeliner 😉

WARNING: Let it cool down before using it, otherwise you will earn your eye lids!
beauty hacks




  1. Spoons don’t only belong to the kitchen. Learn how to use spoons on your daily makeup routine. Get your perfect cat eye with your favourite spoon IF you have one. I don’t think much people have a “favourite” spoon unless you are Liam Payne’s soulmate. Actually it would be bizarrely unique and fun to own a personal spoon. I might think about it. giggles

cat eye tricks


  1. Don’t need to buy more eyeliners for the girls who have a tight budget. Or the ones who just think eyeliners are a waste. Here’s your solution! Take your liner brush and sweep our brush through the mascara wand. Then, apply. As simple as that.

OH! It also works as a liquid liner! Look exactly the same. However, make sure to not to dab it into the lid. Apply it smoothly just like how you would apply a liquid eyeliner.
mascara as eye liner


  1. Get rid of your problems with eyeshadows. How do I apply eyeshadow? Follow this picture! Work wonders with smokey eyes.
    how to do your eye makeup


  1. You don’t need to buy expensive bronzers to look like you have just stepped off from the beach. DIY your own bronzers with natural ingredients right from your kitchen!


1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of cocoa

1 teaspoon of nutmeg

2 teaspoons of cornstarch.

Mix everything out and apply it with your brush or fingers. OH! Remember to apply primer or any cream before so it can last longer!;)



  1. What about Angelina Jolie lips on you? Just get some white or pinkish frosted powder. You can find this at your eyeshadow palettes. Create this 3D lip effect on you by just dapping the frosted powder over your lips!

how to make your lips look bigger


  1. Trust me, you are not the only one who struggles when you are getting rid of your glittery mani. It’s a tough job. Grab your glue (whichever type of glue) and apply to it. Wait until it dries and peel it off!
    removing glitter nail polish


I really hope you enjoyed this hacks ad tricks. Use them in your daily life! I’m sure you’ll save tons of time and energy too!

Comment down below what tricks do you know? Which one’s your favorite? Share it with us!

Much Love,

Karen Wen



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